Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm in Trouble Again!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake.

You will be pleased to know that Holly is feeling much better now but she still has a sore butt!

Old Two Legs has been washing it every time we come back from a walk and Holly reckons if he carries on this way it will wash off!

Snowflake has  been a good ferret today, she hasn't tried to scare OTL again and has even given OTL a wash by licking  his hand when she was cleaning her claws after a slurp of Ferretone!

She had a little clear up in Snowy Towers and then off to bed for a snooze.

The Sleep of the Innocent?
She looked all warm and cuddly in her sleeping bag, Holly says that as she didn't bite OTL it must be the 'sleep of the innocent', I said I'd reserve judgement on that one, I've seen the size of her teeth!

We spent the morning doing what we do best, eat breakfast and then some serious snoozing!

Lunch time we set off for The Forest, via a couple of customers but when we got to town, it was raining. So, OTL took one look at the direction of the wind and said that the rain may miss us if we went back to The Sea Wall, and you know what?

He was right!

We had our stroll along the Sea Wall and Holly woofed at a fisherman who had just finished his lunch. He didn't even save us a nibble, and that upset Holly!

OTL had left the lead in the car, so when we got to the rabbit ground, I rather fancied my chances of having a dig in the rabbit hole. I sort of hung back a bit, waiting for OTL to push Holly towards the car and as soon as they disappeared around the corner, I dived back to the hole and had a great dig!

Before long back came OTL, with the lead in his hand, he was not looking a 'Happy Puppy', in fact, he even growled at me!

I know I was a bit dirty 'cos some of the hole had fallen down on my back and it had also got in my ears and on my head and around my chin and up my legs and all over my tummy and in my tail and.........well, you get the picture.

I thought that I would just get a good brush when I got back but, OTL started to fill up the sink with warm soapy water, not a good sign!

Well, I got washed, from the tip of my nose all the way down to the tip of my tail, and there was nowhere in between that wasn't washed!

So, here I am, clean but still a 'Damp Doggy' watching the antics of Gob and Mouth, who are getting fatter by the hour!

Feed Me Mummy!
Mum & Dad have been feeding them all day and I just don't know where they put it all!

They have been flapping their wings and have been preening their feathers, so I think that it won't be long before they fly the nest and are off to explore the big world!

Snowflake is still asleep, there is another one who seems to get more than her fair share of snoozing!

Tomorrow, OTL reckons that the rest of the rocks are going to be delivered, so that will be another bit of the garden finished!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake