Thursday, 22 August 2013

Here! Wot's this Wet Stuff?

Hello Woofers!

We are back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We got up this morning and looked out the window, it was horrid, there was rain drops falling out of the sky and making big puddles in the garden!

Mind you, at least the pond gets some fresh water!

The ferrets weren't too keen on going out in the rain! They had a chat about it over their 'Breakfast Slurp' of milk and decided that they would go, providing they could come back if it rained again.

If it rains, then we come home, OK?
 Miss Snowflake really loves the milk and walks around licking her whiskers and going Mmmm!

 Mr Brambles loves it to and after a good slurp, loves to play games with OTL or Snowflake. This morning he was jumping about all over the place and he even rearranged the squeaky balls!

Oi! Leave my toys alone!
 Off we went and it looked like the rain had stopped, we got down to the Sea Wall and while OTL was watching Mr Brambles having a dig of the path, I spotted a rabbit, sitting very still, in the middle of the path!

I stopped, looked and looked again.

The rabbit stopped and looked and looked again!

We both just stood there looking at each other, neither of us making and movement at all!

Come to Me....COME to ME.......COME TO MEEEE!
I was trying a bit of 'Hypnosis' on him and was softly saying 'Come to me' but in the end he blew a big raspberry at me just as I started to run towards him.

He got away!

We headed off to the top of the hill and guess what? It started to rain!

Holly had done a Poo on the way up the hill, the ferrets had both done a Poo at the top of the hill and as we headed back to the car, I did a Poo on the way down!

The only one who hadn't poo'd was OTL and he said he would wait until he got home!

So, back in the car we got a good rub down with one of our Doggy Towels and all felt better for it, except OTL, who got wet trousers and was complaining about cold wet legs, all the way home!

What a Wimp!

Our breakfast of chicken went down a treat and afterwards we headed off to OTL's office for a snooze. The ferrets had already had their breakfast and were in La La Land!

Lunch time came and looking out the window, the rain had stopped.

It Fooled us!

As soon as we got the car door open in the car park, down it came!

OTL says that he will put our coats on, Holly says 'Why? I'm not getting out of the car!'

Then started a tussle, first I got called to the back of the car and after a bit I reluctantly let OTL dress me in my coat. Then it was Holly's turn, 'Come Here' says OTL, 'Not Woofin' Likely' says Holly, and so it went on until OTL walked around the side of the car, opened the door and pulled Holly towards the back to have her coat put on.

Holly was not happy!

' OK', says OTL 'Off We Go!'

Not Woofin' Likely' says Holly and me.

OTL tries to pull us both out the back of the car, we put our heads down and dig our claws in.

'We Ain't Going!' we say.

'Yes! You Woofing Will' says OTL, with both of his boots on the bumper and pulling on the lead and leaning back as though he's on a racing yacht!

We all fall out of the car and onto the Car Park!

We were marched over to the beginning of the walk and OTL took the lead off us.

Holly walked into the grass for a wee.

I stood still.

OTL walked ahead calling for us to follow.

I stood still.

Holly stayed in the grass.

OTL called some more.

I stood still.

Holly stayed in the grass pretending she was still weeing.

OTL walked back and stood behind me and gave a shove with his shin.

I stood still.

Holly still stayed in the grass!

OTL then put our lead back on and pulled us along the path!

We were not happy!

We got marched around the first bit of the walk and landed up at the turn off which is the short cut back to the car.

I suppose OTL had made his point, 'He Is In Charge', and so had we, 'We Don't Want To Go!'

Back to the car and straight in for a rub down with the Doggy Towel!

Once we got home we both headed for |OTL's office and our Day Bed for and afternoon snooze.

That's much better, no nasty water dripping down your collar!

See you tomorrow!

Rain permitting!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.