Sunday, 30 June 2019

Homward Bound

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret and we are on our way home!

After a wet start this morning we drove through the rains up through the Mull of Kintyre and across to Loch Lomond then down towards Glasgow and off to Gretna.

Old Two Legs was very kind and stopped a couple of times for us woofers to have wee! Mind you, The Missus says that it was good for us to have a wee but it gave her time to have a wee in the caravan!

Well, she isn't going to hide behind the bushes is she!

We got into Gretna just after lunch and after parking the caravan OTL and TM headed off to the Designer Centre so spend what is left of their holiday money!

I mean, you would think they could have bought us a prezzie or six?

Yeah, six, four ferrets and two woofers! after that there will be the big pile of stuff that OTL

Tomorrow is the long journey but we will be home mid to late afternoon so you won't get any news from us 'cos we will have to unload the caravan and start getting all the stuff sorted that has come in over the last two weeks!

Some things never change but we will be back in September for another two weeks!

See you soon.


McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!