Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mr Brambles Digs Another Hole!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Another hot day, but we get lots of water to drink and some cool shade to  snooze in, so we're OK.

This morning Old Two Legs said that we would take Mr Brambles out with us for a walk 'cos he really enjoys the morning walk as it's not so hot.

Snowflake said it was OK by her and rolled over and went back to sleep again!

Of we went in the little car and very soon we were racing along the path to were the rabbits are. Sadly, there were none there, they had all gone back to bed!

It wasn't long before we were on the beach, one of my favourite places!

I just love it when the tide is in 'cos then I can have a 'Deep Paddle' and even when the tide is out I can still get a cooling mud bath!

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!
While I was cooling off, Holly found a shady spot under the Sea Wall but Mr Brambles, he was off and digging like a tunnelling machine, he was relentless!

Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, it's Down the Hole we go!
 Sand was flying out the back of his legs, just like a terrier after a rat! Well, we couldn't be shown up like that! I mean, two dogs out done in a digging contest by a Ferret?

Yeah, Getting Down and Dirty in De Hole!
 Next thing we know is Holly shoving Mr Brambles out the way and in she goes like a steam train!

This is how it's done Shorty!
 Mr Brambles was not a happy ferret, he was shoved out of the hole by Holly and all he could do was sit there and Glower!

Ferrets are good at Glowering!

Mr Brambles, Glowering!

 It wasn't long before I had a go as well and soon got really filthy with mud and sand all over me!

Me getting Really Filthy!
 Mr Brambles said he wasn't playing with us any more and marched off to a fresh patch of sand.

That's It, I'm OFF!
 He started another hole but in the end it was more like a scrape, deep enough to be cool but not so deep that he disappears down to the bottom!

This is a good hole, and it's all MINE!
So, OTL and his little 'Point & Shoot' camera managed a couple of good photos, next time, we will ask him to take it instead of his big flashy one!

Back home a parcel arrived with the new shelves for Snowy Heights, the ferret cage, OTL has installed then how he thinks they should be and we await Mr Brambles and Snowflake to let him know if he has done it all correctly!

Ferrets can be so fussy sometimes!

Lunch time Snowflake came out with us but she was not as much fun as Mr Brambles, all she wanted to do was hunt rabbit!

This afternoon we spent snoozing, OTL was going to start on the inside of the Little Car, clearing out all the stones and mud and fur and old paper and sweet wrappings and scent bottles (The Missus's) and hand wipes and, and ,and!

But it was just too hot, so instead he had lunch followed by a snooze!

We know how to live!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!