Friday, 12 October 2012

Chilly Friday, so TM has her hair done!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

It was a real damp start today, quite depressing really, if you get depressed by weather!

We don't 'cos we can have a game of 'Hide from Old Two Legs' and 'Chase your sister across the beach'!

Although OTL had put on our coats, it was only a few drops of rain in the air, but it did keep us warm against the wind!

We didn't see anyone on the beach at all, even the seagulls were staying off shore!

When we got back to the car, OTL took our coats off and Holly jumped up onto the back shelf and sat on the towel. So, OTL jumped out, went around the back, opened the back door and gave Holly a good dry with the towel. Which was what Holly wanted 'cos she had wet legs and tummy after running through the wet grass. In fact, she was so please with OTL for drying her that as he was drying her front paws, she gave him a lick on the nose!

Of course, after he had dried her, I was up on the shelf, holding one paw up as a sign that I wanted to be dried as well!

Back home to Lambs Heart for breakfast, Mmmmmmmm, Super Stuff!

After the food man had called to deliver this weeks shopping, The Missus got her coat on, great! we're going out for a walk/drive/visit someone we thought. No way! She was off to the parlor to get her hair shampooed and set, just like we do but I bet they don't throw her in a big sink and soak her all over!

We know that 'cos when she comes back her clothes are still dry!

When she comes in, we have to stand on the back of the sofa and go Ooooo! and Ahaaaaa! and Doesn't she look good! Then after we have done that OTL has to  go Ooooo! and Ahaaaaa! and Don't you look good!

It's a Two Leg Thing!

Luckily, she was back in time for us to go out for our lunch time walk, back down The Sea Wall but this time the sun had come out and the sky was blue!

There, on the path, trying to look all important and knowing, was doing an 'interview' with himself, a sort of 'Reporting live from Boris Island'!

Yet Another Report!
 Well, we had a laugh and rushed of to investigate the hole in the sand, just in case a Sand Rabbit had taken up residence without us knowing!

I can't sniff anything yet!
Then off we went to sniff the sniffs and see who was about. We didn't meet anyone on the path and there was only one Wormy Man out on the mud.

We did see one of the container ships leaving Sheerness and heading for who knows where!

Homeward Bound?
 Back home TM was cooking up a ton of curry for OTL and had a load of off cuts of beef that she had cooked just for us and guess what, yep, Holly and I finished off the beef with no problem!

So, that was us for the afternoon, stretched out in our day beds and sleep it off until dinner is served tonight!

OTL has a decision to make, shall he go out with us down to Dungeness to do some more photography, or, do some more gardening!

Decisions, Decisions!

We'll let you know what happens tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly