Friday, 11 November 2016

Eric's First Day on The Sea Wall!

Yo! Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, today is the first day that Eric is allowed out along the Sea Wall Walk. All of us woofers have been stabbed with a big needle to protect us against Distemper and some other stuff that is nasty!

Seeing how there are a load of woofers visiting our Sea Wall Old Two Legs  reckons it is a good idea to get us all done!

Eric, he is the last to get done and now it's ten days after his jab and the vet reckons it has now got to all the places it should get to and Eric is clear to go out!

OTL had already adjusted a harness and put Eric's tag with his name and telephone numbers to call, the harness is the one that used to belong to Mr Brambles, so it has been  nicely worn in and should be comfortable until OTL can order up another new one for Eric.

We started off with Eric and May in the same carry cage but May started to show off and there was a bit of a kerfuffle so OTL had to use two travelling cages!

Down on the sea front OTL decided to carry both ferrets until we got onto the grass path so that Eric could get his first sight and sniff of grass!

Just wot is all this Grass?
Eric was having a ball! We managed to get him away from the grass and pretty soon we were down on the beach.

We introduced him to the shells and the sand and the Sea Weed. Holly told him not to get near to the sea 'cos he would get wet and soggy!

'What's Wet and Soggy?' says Eric marching towards the water!

Of course, the waves were slapping onto the beach but it wasn't High Tide yet and the water was creeping further up the beach and pretty soon Eric's paws were getting wet!

This fun, but does it get warmer?
Then the water went away and Eric tried to follow but was amazed when the sea turned around and ran back up the beach!

Hey! It's coming back!
Unfortunately, Eric didn't move quick enough and the wave  went Splosh all over him!

'What the Ferret was That' says Eric as he came back up the beach with water dripping off the end of his tail!

Eric learns about waves!
Eric got a quick wipe down from OTL, shook himself, fluffed up his tail and went off exploring the Sea Wall!

There are some funny sniffs down here!
Holly said that he should watch out 'cos Nargles live down the cracks. OTL said that we hadn't seen a Nargle for ages and they go on holiday in the Winter Time!

Back on the grass again Eric was sniffing all the sniffs and asking what they were and where they came from!

He was having a great time!

Yeah! That is Rabbit Poo and it's not bad for nibbling!
Eric didn't walk all the way around 'cos his legs have got to get used to walking over rough ground so OTL gave him a lift when he slowed down.

Back home he had a rampage around the house but as soon as he put his head on the bed he was asleep!

May says we have worn him out!

Lunchtime Fred and Wendy were looking forward to their walk but when we got to the car park we noticed that the tide had gone out, shame, Eric would have loved that!

Today it was Holly's turn to lead the march to the beach and off she set at a fast pace.

Come on, keep in line and get a move on, I need a wee!
 Down on the beach Freddy was not in the mood for a rampage up and down the beach so we left him talking to OTL and trying to get a lift back to the car!

I've never really done beaches, I'm more of a Cuddly Bed ferret!
 OTL wasn't falling for that one and Freddy had to walk almost all of the way back, except for the bit in the middle where OTL relented and gave both Wendy and Freddy a lift!

Tomorrow The Missus is off to her Master Class so OTL is going to try to get all us woofers in one picture for the Christmas Card!

Now that is going to be fun!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.