Monday, 26 March 2012

It's TM Birthday Today!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you on The Missus's Birthday!

We won't say how old she is but she ain't going to see sixteen again!

Early this morning we jumped up on the bed to give her a 'Happy Birthday Lick' but she had got up before we had opened our eyes!

We know why, 'cos we helped Old Two Legs set it up on the coffee table in the lounge.

We have been saving up our pocket money and OTL has helped a bit and we got her an iPad 3! (She has been on about this for ages!)

So, there she was doing the Fiddly Diddly with the thing and even ignored us when we came down for our early morning wee!

Holly had to woof at her to open the door!

We went out with OTL down to the Sea Wall and were met by a big crane type digger in the car park and a load of plastic fencing along the path!

New Plastic Fencing

You can dig big holes with this!
Not sure what they are going to do but we did see the men having a lunch break before finishing for the day!

Nice spot for some lunch Bert!
We also saw the Survey People wandering around the beach with their GPS Thingy Wotsit on their back!

Take Me To Your Leader!

They looked like men form outer space!

We left them to it and went home to get on with some work, well, OTL was working, we just snoozed!

In the afternoon we went down to The Forest and spent some time hunting squirrels, not that we found any!

Not a Sniff to be had!
 We did notice that the leaves are starting to pop out of the buds, so it won't be long before the squirrels can spend all summer hiding in the trees, then we will have to find something else to chase!

New leaves for squirrels to hide in!
Holly went looking for Badgers but we have never sniffed any in this Forest, but there's no harm in looking!

Here Badgers, come to Holly!
That was it, back home to TM to find her still playing with her iPad, we are taking bets on how long it will take for her to put it down and do something else.

Like cook our dinner!

We had to make do with tinned Doggy Dins tonight!

Sun shiny day tomorrow, well so the weather man says!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly