Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's Tiu's Day and The Boys are here!

Hi Woofers!

Happy Tiu's Day!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Did you know that Tiu is the God of War and The Sky? Neither did we! He was a God of the Angles and Saxons and there's a story of how he lost his right hand to a Wolf! Holly says that the hand must have tasted of chicken or the wolf wouldn't have bitten it off! That's how you get the saying of 'biting off the hand that will feed you'!

This morning Holly decided she wanted a wee so, about five in the morning she woke Old Two Legs up with her 'I wanna wee' woof. Needless to say, OTL was late in getting up this morning!

It was a bit windy this morning as we went along the Sea Wall and we saw the Brent Chickens, (as Holly calls them) having a paddle in the mud. This time OTL got even closer to them on the beach, so with a bit of luck, over the next few days, he might get close enough for a good picture!

Holly's Brent Chickens getting closer to the Cooking Pot!
 When we got back from our walk, there was a familiar sniff at the front door, when we got in, there on the carpet, was a load of shoes. A quick sniff told us The Boys were here! We went potty to get in to say hello! It was great to see them again and Holly wanted to cuddle them both at the same time!

Lunch time came and we all went out to The Forest again. We were looking for those pesky squirrels but with the noise the boys were making, they scared off every living thing in the forest!

To start off they were picking up sticks, we thought that they were going to throw them for us to chase.

Stick collecting
Then they started running and chasing each other up and down the path. They were going so fast we had to get out of their way!

Watch out! Here they come again!
Then The Boys started their Sword Fighting practise but they were doing it on the run! Very difficult that is!

Stand still and let me kill you!
By now Holly and me were getting a bit grubby, especially Holly who had been jumping in and out of the puddles! She said she was going to have a swim to get clean. However, when she got to the pond, it was still frozen! So she decided not to go swimming!

Grubby Holly!
By now The Boys had broken their swords and were having a heated discussion on who had won. Neither of them could agree, so..............................that's when the fight started!

Discussing the finer points of Sword Fighting!
While they were having their 'Discussion' I got busy looking for the squirrels, I saw one but it was running away 'cos of the noise The Boys were making. Holly told them to be less noisy because she wanted to see the squirrels.

Well, that lasted for about five minutes, 'cos they then started to argue over who was making the most noise and..............................that's when the fight started again!

.....and you're the noisy one!
You know, I thought Holly and I were always fighting but these two have us beat!

Still looking for squirrels!
By the time we got home we were all muddy and wet, except for OTL who had managed to stay away from most of the puddles!

Back home it was a good wash down with some warm water and our shampoo. After we were dried we smelt super, just like we do when we come back from the Parlour!

Then we had a snoozett followed by Chicken and Biscuits and another snooze before OTL sat down so we could mug him!

So, tired little puppies we have decided to have an early night. Unless OTL gets the shortbread out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly