Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sunshine & Flowers, and it's only January!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

We were all up late this morning. Last night Holly felt the need to go out for a wee a couple of times. The first was about three and the second was four thirty! Old Two Legs got the job of letting her out both times as The Missus just 'Helped' him out of bed with her elbow!

So, around nine this morning we all woke up, except TM who was downstairs doing something with her cards!

OTL got an email from Peter C, another ferret owner who suggested putting the hammock up on the top ceiling of Snowy Heights.

OTL and Snowflake discussed it and then up it went. At first Snowflake was a little unsure but with the enticement of a spot of Ferretone to lick off the cap, Snowflake was up there like a shot!

OK, send up some more Ferretone please!
 She has decided to call it her 'Day Bed' just like us!

 Holly and I went off for our walk along The Sea Wall, Holly dived off into the grass and declared that she could sniff rabbits and wouldn't it be a good idea to bring Snowflake down for a 'Ferret About' to get the rabbits running out of their burrows so we can play 'Chase' with them!

I sniff rabbits and I have an 'Idea'!
 I said we should have a chat with OTL about that and of course, Snowflake!

 It was super along the beach, the sun was out and there was hardly any wind and on top of all that, it was warm!

Almost Spring!
 We were having fun chasing the ball and as normal, OTL had trouble throwing it straight and as normal, it ran down the beach and went 'Plop!' Straight into the sea!

Well, what could I do? In I went, up to my tummy and fetched it out! My first dip in the sea this year!

This makes your Bits cold!
 Back home for a brush and some Lambs Heart, then a snooze until lunch time!

 When we got back, Snowflake was still in her 'Day Bed' but woke up as soon as we got back, mainly because Holly was barking so much!

This bed ain't half bad you know!
 Lunch time we were out again but OTL stopped at the local church and took some pictures of the church, mainly because there were daffodils starting to bloom, in January!

Now this global warming, everyone else gets snow, ice and cold winds. What we got is warm balmy breezes, sun shine and blooming flowers!

All Saints Church, Allhallows.
Down on the beach we played 'Chase the Ball' again and Holly even played a joke on OTL, she pretended she was going to kick the ball down the steps, so OTL stayed on the beach while Holly kept calling out, 'On your head OTL!'

Ready? On yer 'ead OTL!
Finally OTL got the ball but he was still on the beach. We called for him to throw the ball and he said that if we wanted it, we should 'Come and get it'!

I tried, I woofed at him, then he showed me the ball and I even tried to grab it with my paws!

OTL says 'Wannit?'
Finally he threw it and we got to chase it again down the Sea Wall!

We were having a sniff when above us we heard 'Hi Girlies!' It was Barney bounding down the hill, we hadn't seen him for a while, 'Too Cold' was his excuse, 'Had a wee and a Poo in the garden then back inside to the fire!

Hi Girlies, Remember Me?
Back home and this time it was Snowflakes turn to go out. She was dressed up in her harness and OTL had re engineered the lead Holly brought with her when she came to live with us. Then she went out into the garden for a run around. It was a bit scary 'cos she has spent some time inside all comfortable and suddenly seeing the outside world again got her a bit worried! OTL stayed with her but she was very nervous, so OTL opened the kitchen door so she could go back in doors. Trouble was, Holly and I were standing on the carpet inside the door and we came nose to nose. Snowflake was as surprised as us and thought we were monsters going to eat her, so she nipped me on the side of my nose, which made me jump back with a yelp!

All was well, OTL picked her up and soon she was back in the office having a calming slurp of Ferretone!

So now she has had another run around in the office and retired to bed for a snooze before OTL wakes her up to be introduced to Stuart, who is visiting tonight.

So, that is today's fun and games, OTL says the next thing we will have to do is find a big field for Snowflake to have a run around without getting into trouble!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Snoozing)