Monday, 17 December 2012

A Technical Day for Old Two Legs!

Yoo Hoo Woofers!

It's us, Daisy & Holly back again!

Last night was a 'Restful' night, no loud woofing to scare off  Burglars or Foxes or Cats!

We just had to put up with Old Two Legs talking in his sleep!

Not to worry, we got him out good and early for our wander along The Sea Wall. Of course, after a quick wee it was lets get OTL to throw the ball!

 Well I did, Holly just got on with investigating the sniffs!

Which he did, first he threw it all the way down the path and I caught up with it and ran off to bury it in the grass!

Bet OTL can't find this one!
Then he threw it again but this time he did his normal trick and off it went bouncing on the path and off onto the beach!

Me, getting the ball off the beach.......again!
After a while he got fed up with me hiding the ball in the grass and hid the ball in his pocket, spoil sport!

 We did spot a Little Ringed Plover hunting breakfast in amongst the cockle shells. Holly called out that had he seen any Bass in the pools? The Little Plover said that he didn't eat Bass but rather Sand Flies and stuff like that!

Sand Fly please!
Back home we had Chicken for breakfast and fell asleep while OTL spent most of the morning talking to a Technical Man about the television.

Our satellite television  has been causing some problems for a little while now. The Missus can't watch any of her 'Crafty' type programs she has recorded and even worse, she can't watch the recordings of the programs where they have used her cards as examples!

Not a Happy TM!

So, OTL has been sitting down with the 'Technical Help Department' and has been trying all sorts of 'Resetting' and Rebooting' and Re Summat or other'!

He was going on for so long that come lunch time we had to woof at him to remind him that we needed a run!

So,  off we went with OTL grumbling away about the satellite television and Holly grumbling about being woken up from a rather exciting dream about Fish & Chips that tasted of Chicken!

I was off into the grass chasing the mouses and looking for rabbits but I think that they had all gone home for their lunch!

By the time I had finished, I was just a little grubby but Holly was still clean and looking all prime.

You know, she doesn't often get grubby like me, that's 'cos she is a 'Sniffer' rather than a 'Hunter'!

A Grubby Hunter!
 She did introduce me to sniff I missed this morning and identified it as that Husky we met the other day.

You know, she is really very good at sniffs!

See, it has a sort of 'Hairy Sniff about it!
 On our way back we met up with Alfie, now he was not in a good mood 'cos his owners had left him alone this Christmas, well, not really alone 'cos he was with Grandma and she was looking after him and making sure he got lots of walks but his owners had gone off to Florida for Christmas.

Holly asked where Florida was but Alfie didn't know but thought it must be a long way away at least further than Southend on Sea or Sheerness!

Still, he is expecting them back soon after Christmas and they have promised him a big bone to chew on when they get back!

Well, I think Florida is north of Southend!
 Back home OTL is still talking to the Technical man and we think there is a little progress.

He has managed to record something!

I hear the dinner plates being put out, so that means we get fed again, well, it means we rob OTL and The Missus!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (Chief Sniffer)