Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunny Monday

Hello All,

We're back again!

What warm day! I hope it stays like this for our summer holiday. We're off to Scotland again, in fact we're going to the Isle of Mull and Old Two Legs has promised us he will take us up a mountain!

Holly says she will have to get fitted up with a climbing harness plus an ice pick and lots of Kendal Mint Cake! I don't know about the gear but the cake bit sounds good!

OTL wanted to know which one of us would be carrying the barrel of whisky around our necks so he can have a slurp half way up the mountain!

I've been to Scotland last year and although we didn't climb any mountains, we did go up some very big hills. There was also an enormous sandy beach by the sea where I could run and paddle and dig holes. OTL says there are some beaches like that on the Isle of Mull but it will be a car drive away from the camp site, so, let's have a drive as well!

Me and Holly are already saving up our pocket money so we can buy some Haggis, OTL says they are too fast for us to catch, so we'll have to have one of the captive bred ones.

This morning we spent some time in the garden getting a sun tan and chewing carrots and woofing at the birds. The Missus has been running around the house with a vacuum cleaner all morning, that thing sounds like a jet engine on full burn!

Lunch time we got to go down to the Sea Wall again but it was really just too hot to run around and what was worse, the tide was out, so no splashing in the water!

Holly had a go at chasing a couple of pigeons but they flew off before she could get to them. Holly says that they taste like chicken but OTL says 'no, but they are nice', Holly wants to try one just to make sure!

Here, little Pigeons!
We saw four men eating their sandwiches and Holly wanted to go down and mug them for a nibble but OTL said that they were on their lunch break and would not be happy 'cos they got to go back to work soon and there wasn't even any water they could look at, just mud, which is not too much fun unless you were rolling in it and if you did, you would not be allowed back into work and you would lose your overtime money.

Lunch by the mud!
We didn't really understand all that, but we left them alone, this time, they may not be so lucky next time!

OTL tried to get us a paddling pool for the garden so we can have a splash about, but it seems everyone wants one and the shops had all sold out, so OTL is going to keep his eyes open when he goes out, just in case there is one big enough for Holly and me to have a splash in the garden!

He did suggest that he got the garden hose out and gave us a quick wash down but we told him that if he did that, we would hear burglars every night, every half an hour for a month!

OTL is still looking for a paddling pool!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly