Tuesday, 7 July 2015

It's an Installation Day!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

It has been a fun day! Remember I said that the telephone man was coming to install a Fibre Cable line to us so we can catch up with the rest of civilisation?

Well, this morning at eight fifteen the man came a knocking on our door. It was The Missus that had to show him where all the telephone line ran all over the house. She knew 'cos she had to move loads of her craft stuff just so he could see the cable!

Her 'Work Station' had to be moved and then there was the store room with loads of plastic boxes of paper and card and stamps and dies and stencils and paint and inks and, well it goes on and on!

Old Two Legs and us Woofers headed for the beach!

Miss Snowflake went looking for Crabs and Slimy Things but couldn't find a thing!

Come on out, I know you're there somewhere!
 When she got fed up she started to dig a hole in the sand, just to show Mr Brambles she was just as good as him!

Hey! Bumbles! Have a look at this hole!
Mr Brambles wasn't interested in looking at holes 'cos he and I had found a really stinky sniff and he was trying to get me to let him have a roll first!

Come on, let me go first!
 The only problem was that OTL saw us and shoos us away from the sniff, so no one got a roll!

Mind you, both ferrets made up for it when they got to the grass path!

Will you stop tickling me!
 Back home the telephone man was working well and it wasn't too long before there were flashing light son the two modems. It seems you need a modem to talk to the Fibre data and then another to talk to the computer, or something like that!

In the end the lights were going potty and OTL was bragging about the speed over what it was before.

That got us to lunchtime when we were down the beach again and the first thing we saw was the tide was well out of sight!

Mind you, that didn't stop the fishermen from taking up their places ready for when the water comes back in!

Well it's going to be ages before the water come back!
A bit further on there were some more getting ready for when the water comes back! I went along to see what was going on but Holly stayed up on the Sea Wall but she did call down..............

Remember, no food, No Strokes!
 OTL was going along looking at almost every flower searching for bugs and other insects.

He came across a couple of Soldier Beetles making the most of the sun shine!

I just Love Spring!
 OTL said that they were 'Making Beetles' but we couldn't see any small ones anywhere!

There were some dark clouds on the horizon this afternoon, looking like there will be some rain to cool things down a bit.

We are keeping our claws crossed for Friday 'cos we will be off to the Kent County Show with Alun and Glynis who are coming over for a few days.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.