Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Old McTwo Legs is back!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Oh, are we a right pair of sorry looking puppies today! Yesterday we must have eaten something that tasted good at the time but has bitten us back big time!

Last night after we had spoken to Old Two Legs, we went to bed as normal but Holly said she didn't feel too good. Later on, about eleven thirty, she told The Missus that she just had to go out and then proceeded to get rid of everything in her tummy! About two thirty, it was my turn, Ooo! I did feel rotten!

Around four in the morning both Holly and I had finished feeling really ill and instead felt really tired!

So, we didn't get up until eleven thirty!

Off we went with TM and had a good run down on The Sea Wall where we met up with Tara who we were sure would wow OTL if he was here!

She had those big brown eyes that the Two Legs seem to go for!

Hello, I'm Tara, wanna sniff?
We had a game of 'Chase & Sniff' which we enjoyed 'cos Tara was a bit of a laugh and enjoyed our rough and tumble !

The rest of the day was spent snoozing right up until TM called out 'Dinner Time'!

Down we went and straight into our feeding bowls, you know, Nose Down and Tail Up and only come up for air!

That got us into the 'Snooze Mode' so we had a cuddle with TM on the sofa.

About eight thirty TM got a telephone call, finished the call and said, 'Now, Who wants to see OTL?'

Stupid question!

Holly and I shot over to the front window and sat down waiting for something to happen, then there he was, all unwashed, ugly and outside the front door!

We went potty!

In he came and we reckon it must have been a good fifteen minutes before we let him draw breath!

 He told us all about his time up in Glencoe and some of the things that he and Alun had done, like falling into a bog up to his waist!

We are looking forward to seeing all his pictures but he did let us have this one for the blog!


See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly