Sunday, 1 July 2018

Too hot to do any weeding!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, all hot and bothered!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty Chops the Ferret!

It has been one of those 'Lazy Days', well for Holly and I anyway!

It started off with an early morning walk with Eric down by the sea side but even with a gentle breeze you could tell it was going to get a lot warmer as the day progressed!

After doing the early morning chores, Old Two Legs went out to the garden armed with a syringe full of 'Plant Poison' and set about injecting the stems of this 'Rouge' plant that has found it's way into our garden and pond side. Last year it almost took over everywhere and started to kill off the plants we wanted to grow beside the pond!

This year OTL has been seen creeping around stabbing the stems and squirting the leaves with this plant killer!

It seems to be working but we still get shoots poking up and as soon as that happens, in goes OTL, syringe in hand!

This year the reeds are doing very well and the Pond Lily has made a real come back!

Much better this year!
 Lunchtime we dropped into the village hall with Miss Wendy so young Rosie could give her a cuddle and a drink of water!

And after a drink and a cuddle, back into the cage you go!
Of course, while Wendy was getting cuddles, Holly and I went off looking for any nickable scoff we could find.

You know what? They had eaten all the scoff and didn't leave any for a couple of poor starving woofers!

No scoff, just glue and glitter, again!
We didn't hang about, I mean, no scoff, no strokes, and anyway we were in need of a sniff and a wee!

As we crossed the football field we met up with 'Bob the Staffy Bozo'!

He is a big friendly woofer who thinks that OTL is wonderful 'cos OTL can take his ball away and throw it for him!

Apparently there are not too many Two Legs who can do that!

Yo OTL! Wanna play 'Throw the Ball'?
 OTL threw the ball a few times but Bob started to get warm so we had to stop that game!

One of the things about being away is our path becomes overgrown and we miss out on the sniffs.

OTL says that he has to be very careful 'cos it would be oh so easy to loose a ferret in the long grass!

Nah! No Ferrets or Nargles but was that a Weasel wee?
 All today The Missus has been up the village hall with her mates slinging the glue and glitter around and having a great time. Let's hope she doesn't get too tired 'cos OTL says they are going out tonight!

Seems they have a party to go to and it will be a BBQ, OTL hates BBQ's 'cos they are outside where all the flowers and grass are throwing the pollen about and he has had a couple of bad BBQ's where he eat a sausage that was black on the outside and uncooked in the middle!

OTL says he don't do BBQ's on account he doesn't want to end up with a Grumbly Tum!

Miss May's eye is getting better, well she is opening it a bit more often but OTL still has great difficulty in getting the drops in her eye, most of the drops end up on OTL's face as May shakes her head as soon as the drops hit her eye!

It's a good game!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty Chops the Ferret!