Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday in a new Forest

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

After yesterdays fun and games and late to bed, you known we didn't wake Old Two Legs up until seven this morning! Half the day's gone already!

We had a look at the photos he took and decided that next time we are going to go with him to see Alun 'cos they all look well fed, so there must be loads of food there!

It was Alun's birthday and also Olwyn's birthday, so there must have been loads of food!

You know, Aluns nearly as old as OTL, and that's very old, but looking at the photo he doesn't look nearly as old as OTL!

Happy Birthday Alun!
We went out with OTL down to the rubbish dump and got rid of some more bits TM had decided to throw out and we expected to go onto The Farm, but OTL said we were going to Trosley Park, a place we had never been to before, Ooooh an exciting new place!

Well, as we got closer there were loads of speed bumps in the road, up and down, up and down, up and down, now I don't do sailing and these speed bumps upset me. In fact I was so upset, I was sick all over OTL's leg. I just threw up over his thigh and it started to run down the inside of his leg, so, he formed his hand into a cup and caught most of it. Then he still had to park the car, using just one hand to do the steering! When we finally stopped, Holly and me were all excited and were jumping all over OTL trying to get out the door, the same door he was trying to get out without spilling my present to him!

We all fell out of the door, OTL wiping his leg clean, Holly and me running around the car park, (only two other cars there)!

OTL had some serious hand wipes in a plastic bucket in the back of the car and was able to clean himself up before charging after us down the path to the woods!

Another pile of logs!
The park was all hills and while it was OK going down, you had to go back up again on the way back!

A long way up!
We had a super run and when we got back to the car park, OTL brought us a sausage each from the tea van in the car park. It was a Frankfurter type of sausage that he broke in half and then held it up for us to take.

Only we didn't, we just sort of took bites out of it while he held it for us!

Best thing was, he did the same with the second sausage!

When he finally got around to eating his own sausage in a roll, we tried to mug him for a bit!

As he said, that one was his, we could go and whistle if we thought we were going to get any!

We tried whistling but all that happened was we blew raspberries!

Clever, these Two Legs!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


Betty, it is OK for your milk teeth to drop out, you'll grow some new ones. Just make a fuss, get them to buy you some rawhide chews and let them know that you expect the Tooth Wolf to visit you and leave some new treats!  xx D&H