Monday, 2 December 2013

It's Monday Again!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr 'Daddy' Brambles!

You know, we haven't stopped teasing Mr B about him having a family and not being able to remember! Snowflake says she'll never trust him out on his own again!

Holly reckons that Mr B is going senile or maybe just secretive!

He takes it all in a good spirit and then says 'What is your name?' Which starts us all off again!

This morning wasn't too cold out and we met up with Barney again. He wanted Old Two Legs to throw one of the ferrets and he would run after it and fetch it back! We tried to explain that ferrets don't like that and he would more than likely end up with some ferret fangs in his nose! However, he was playing the Bozo this morning so we left him to it and headed for the beach!

We had some fun digging holes and OTL was running around trying to get a picture of Snowflakes tail so he can compare it with Mr Brambles.

Fluffy but not as big as Snowflakes!
 OTL says it's impressive but Miss Snowflake has just got the edge, just!

This is a winning tail, Super Size Fluffy!
To try to help smooth things over, I said that we should have a race over the rocks and I must admit, it was a close thing 'cos when he gets moving he can sure give me a run for my biscuits!

'Slow down Brambles your showing me up!'
Back home we all crashed out for a snooze, well that was until OTL woke us up for our brush and monthly dose of flea killer!

OTL reckons that when we go on holiday, he is going to the vets to get a prescription for the anti tick stuff as recommended by the other vet up in Norfolk. Anything to keep those nasty little things off us!

Lunch time OTL was playing with his Infrared Thingy again and got some really strange looking shots of sea weed!

There are animals that can see Infrared so just think how weird the world must look to them!

Infrared Sea Weed!
As OTL was trying the sea weed photo, Holly spotted a big monster that was biting lumps out of the shore!

So, she did her very best 'Leave our Woofin' Sea Wall Alone' sort of bark when the monster suddenly turned around and stopped!
Who's Woofin?
 That made her jump!

OTL said that it was an earth mover making the shore tidy so we can walk along it soon.

Holly reckons it's that Boris Geezer trying a sneaky trick to build an airport without us seeing!

We've got our eye on you!
When the thingy stopped, we then could hear the Curlew shouting as well. He reckoned that the vibration from the earth mover was scaring all the rag worms and that means he is missing out on his dinner!

Go on, Tweet Off!
After it had stopped OTL went back to the sea weed again and you know, in Infrared, it looks like it's frozen! I wonder what it will look like when the weather gets so cold that the sea weed does freeze!

Very Strange!
 The trees and bushes look odd as well and I wonder what it will look like when there is a clear blue sky? Now that will be interesting to see!

Infrared Bushes and grass!
Looking across to Sheerness is different as well but I did see OTL messing about with this one on his computer program!

Sheerness on a Good Day!
Mind you, he was so excited about the sea weed that we had to go back the way we had come, just so he could take another shot!

He gets some strange ideas sometimes!

Ghostly Sea Weed!
He has decided to try printing these sea weed shots on some special printing paper he has.

We just (Yawn) can't wait!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Daddy Brambles (Hee Hee!)