Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hey! Wot! it's Wednesday Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again and all of a sudden it's Wednesday!

Time is galloping along here, turn around and another week has flown by, I blame the squirrels myself, Holly reckons it's the rabbits and Old Two Legs blames old age!

The Missus is out all day, again, but she seems to enjoy herself making a mess with her card making. Glitter and glue pots flying everywhere!

We went down the Sea Wall and chased the rabbits but they heard us coming and were just sneaking down their holes as we came around the corner of the brambles. Holly was going so fast she couldn't stop in time and crashed into the bushes, legs and tail everywhere!

Back home for a super chicken and biscuits breakfast, after a brush to get the twigs and stuff out of our fur.

OTL chops the chicken up into small bits that are easy to eat and he also leaves the skin on the meat, real tasty that is! A handful of mixer biscuits just finishes it off to perfection. Of course, a freshly filled bowl of clean clear cold water to wash down the chicken puts the cherry on the top!

We then retired to the office where OTL is messing about with bits of paper and we have a lovely 'after breakfast snooze' in our day beds. Waking only to give a woof to the post man and a couple of noisy children going past the front of the house. It won't be long then they will all be back at school, OTL doesn't agree with half term holidays, too much noise!

That is a good reason why OTL took us back to The Forest 'cos we were making too much noise, woofing and grumbling and whining!
Holly and I had a plan!

When we got there, we rushed up the path looking for signs that squirrels had been about, I had a sniff and Holly had a sniff and we even asked OTL if he would have a sniff, but there were no squirrel sniffs to be had at all!
Can you sniff a squirrel here?

At one time I thought I saw one and dashed off into the forest, but it turned out to be a Magpie who just blew raspberries at me and call me names!

I think I saw something!
Holly and I put our plan into action, she hid behind the trees and then the fence and watched across the forest floor for any movement. We had worked out a series of VLW's (Very Low Woofs) that would indicate where the squirrel was. I went into hiding and OTL went potty whistling for me to 'come back' from out of the bushes.

Holly doing the 'Sneaky Watch'
 He made such a noise, and anyway, I didn't take any notice of him!

That was not going to help our squirrel hunting, so we held a committee meeting and decided that because  OTL was shouting so much, he was scaring the squirrels away, so, a little wet and grubby, we gave up on the hunt and headed back to the car.

I think they know we are here!
When we got back to the car I asked OTL if we could have the heated seat switched on as we go home 'cos Holly and I were a little wet!

I feel a little Grubby!
OTL made a big fuss about our muddy paws all over the seats and then, at the same time, a woman knocked on the car window to find out what birds OTL had seen!

So, when OTL opened the window, I jumped onto his lap and said hello to the woman, I also left big wet muddy paw prints all over OTL's lap!

Before we left I took a look out the back of the car and shouted 'I know your there, I'll be back!'

I'll Be Back!

I'm sure I heard a squirrel laughing, away off in the distance!

Back for some dinner and a cuddle with OTL to help him look after his shortbread!

Bye for now!


Daisy (I've got a plan) & Holly (I've got a Grumbly Tummy!)