Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday down The Forest.

Hello Woofers!

It's the Three Musketeers back again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

Well, Snowflake sniffs a bit 'Musky' sometimes!

Last night we let Old Two Legs go to bed early so he can catch up on his sleep. Trouble was, Holly, being full of food and Doggy Chews, had nightmares and she was dreaming that a big rabbit was chasing her around the garden. So, what with her legs doing the 'Running on the Spot' trick, plus her woofing at the rabbit, it all woke OTL up, so he didn't get the complete nights sleep he wanted!

Still, we didn't want to be let out into the garden last night, so he has some things to be grateful about!

Snowflake is as bubbly as ever and OTL put her on the scales again and she is now 850g! So that is an improvement and a vote of confidence for the beef she had from OTL yesterday!

My tum is OK, so all is well with our world.

Pity Old Two Legs is not so happy. During the time we have been on holiday, it has been raining here in North Kent and then the sun shone and then it rained some more and then the sun comes out again. All of which means that the plants have all sprung into bloom, weeds included!

We are trying to build a 'Natural Wildlife Garden', you know, one that looks after itself but to get that effect means a load of work!

So, today The Missus has been wandering around the garden making notes for OTL on where he can do some weeding and where she can do some 'Designing of Boarder Plants'.

She has also ordered up a large bottle of chemicals called  'Super Strength' weed killer with a long hose attached to the side. OTL will have to walk around holding the container, pumping away at a handle to get some pressure inside while TM holds the hose a squirts the weeds with this stuff!

All the time we will be kept inside while the stuff dries onto the plants and they all fall over and whither away!

Well that's the plan anyway!

We are told that it is a 'Three Day Job' which is another excuse for not taking us out on an adventure and keeping us inside the house!

So, today we made sure we had an adventure when we went out for a walk, well, it started off going to the carriers to send off some stuff, then down to the rubbish tip to get rid of some more stuff, then down to The Forest so we could do our stuff!

We got there and were immediately passed by a couple of Bozo's and their dogs!

See, you don't have to have four legs to be a Bozo!

Bozo's Ahead!
 It was good catching up on the sniffs and seeing just how many leaves had sprouted since we were down here last!

Mmm Sniffs!
 OTL got all enthusiastic about the Bluebells, so he was on his knees clicking away with the camera while Holly and I started 'Hunting Squirrel'!

Bluebell and Bramble.
 There were still loads of Bluebells all over the woods but not as much as we had seen in Scotland, mind you, down here the spring was well ahead of Scotland!

Pretty Bluebells.
 OTL spotted some blossom that he thinks is Hawthorn, mind you it could be Blackthorn or any other thorn for all he knows. He is not too into plants, mainly because the blossom gives off pollen and when OTL and pollen come together.......BOOM.......Hay fever starts!

OTL is not happy when he gets Hay fever and it's just starting now!

Hawthorn Blossom.........we think!
It's OK that OTL has an interest, well it keeps him out of trouble but sometimes it does interfere with our walkies. We are forever having to come back to find him!

OTL!.........Keep Up!
 Mind you, all we have to do is look for a big bunch of flowers or mushrooms or insects!

I Spy OTL!
 We found him hiding behind a tree trunk trying to stalk up on a butterfly that wouldn't sit still!

OK OTL it's time to go home!
Back home we found that the delivery man had been and The Missus was reading the instructions on the weed killer.

I want to know why they have sent two 'Chemical Hazard Suits' as well!

I think we will stay in doors tomorrow until the yellow mist clears!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (and Gob & Mouth who are getting bigger!)