Saturday, 26 September 2015

We got thrown out, again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here with you again!

It has been a super sunny day today, which is just as well 'cos The Missus chucked us out again!

We got a better rest last night with TM snoring her head off for just half the night, we think the Bolli helped!

But we still got chucked out, straight after walking the ferrets!

So, there we were, sitting in the car trying to decide where to go, we have covered most of the area now so it was a case of 'Where do we want to go back to'?

In the end we chose the Mull of Galloway and Port Logan 'cos the views are fantastic and the beach at Port Logan is just made for us puppies!

So, first stop, Mull of Galloway.

We got onto the RSPB site by the lighthouse and spent some time ferreting around for sniffs. Well, Holly and I did, Old Two Legs was looking for wild life!

The first thing he found was a caterpillar who was Big, Mad and Hairy, a bit like OTL really!

Well, Mad and Hairy anyway!
 OTL thought a wall looked interesting and spent some time clicking away with different settings on the camera.

This looked the best!
   Next stop was Port Logan, well, not before stopping at this pile of rocks that looked like a small Broc!

A Broc is a sort of double skinned tower that the locals built many thousands of years ago and this one reminded OTL of one!

Where is the outside wall?
Holly and I stayed down on the ground while OTL climbed up and stood on top of it, taking pictures and saying how wonderful it was!

Just don't jump off!
 When he finally climbed back down we headed off to Port Logan where Holly went potty dancing about in the sand!

 She was so covered in sand that she almost went into the sea to wash it all off!

Hang on! This is deep enough for me!
We went all the way along the beach and then back again. It was super! We were running and jumping and chasing stones that OTL had thrown for us to chase after as they rolled along the sand!

This is a great place for woofers!
We came across several Nelly Fish stranded on the beach so we had to dance over them 'cos there was nothing we could do!

We went out on the harbour wall to watch them get the fishing boats ashore. Holly says that it would be a good idea if all the boats were fitted with wheels, then they could drive up the beach and not have to get their cars all wet!

There must be a better way!
Down the other end of the beach was the Logan Fish Pond, a sort of Sea Life Centre. There were no Woofers allowed, so OTL left us in the car while he went to investigate.

There was a big pond made from a volcanic blow hole that had sealed itself some millions of years ago. It was used as a pond to keep fish in for eating, before frozen fish were invented.

Now, there were a number of fish held there and as OTL was looking at them, a whacking great big flat fish called a Talbot came flopping along and stuck its head out of the water to look at OTL!

The man who was telling OTL all about it said that the fish was called Emily and she always did that to anyone who got down on ground to look into the pool!

There were cod and Gurnard and Dab and Plaice and Dog Fish and loads of other species!

In the end OTL had to say bye bye to Emily and head back to us 'cos we wanted another run on the beach before we were allowed back in the caravan!

When we got back TM was fast asleep and it was only the sound of her mobile phone that woke her up, OTL was phoning her to ask if we could come in!

Tomorrow is our last day here, so it is all clearing up and storing stuff so we can get an early start on Monday.

Bye bye for now,


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.