Monday, 5 September 2016

Plawn Clackers, Giggle Juice and TM Tiddly Again and The Vets!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Wot a Weekend!

Saturday was OK, nice and gentle and all snoozy but Sunday and today are worth telling about!

Now, you remember Alun and Glynis, Old Two Legs cousin and his wife? Well, Saturday evening TM got a telephone call from Alun who ordered up his breakfast from TM.

Nothing wrong with that but he wanted it served at seven in the morning!

Negotiations took place and in the end it was agreed that breakfast would be served between eight and eight thirty!

Of course, when they arrived Alun complained that the bread 'Soldiers' were too big to fit into the boiled eggs!

TM then instructed him on what he should do with the 'Soldiers'!

And so started a super couple of days!

we had a walk down on the beach and Alun tried to tell us what to do, like, stand in line and all wee at the same time!

Yeah! On yer bike!

Come On! Get in Line!
 OTL had some fun by moving so that it looks like the chimney was sitting on top of TM's head!

Us Woofers had fun digging holes and burying the rubber ball. Freddy asked if we could bury Wendy but in the end we decided that was not a good idea, especially as Wendy said she would catch us an bite our butts!

Go on, we can bury her next to the ball!
 Now, yesterday, Saturday that is, I had a swim as well and was chasing the ball in and out of the water and I managed to swallow some of the water as I made a grab for the ball!

No real problem there but I did feel a little queasy when we got home and I retired to my bed in OTL's office.

While I was asleep I had this pain in my tummy and managed to wee all over the floor! OTL gave me a funny look as he cleared it up. I then followed him downstairs and felt the need for a cuddle so I snuggled down on his lap and fell asleep, that was until I did another wee!

OTL changed his shirt and made up a bed for me on the floor where I fell asleep again, until I did another wee!

OTL decided it was time to get a Vets view on what was happening but the vet was shut for the night. OTL sent an email to the group where he knows they open on a Sunday morning for a few hours.

So, Sunday morning, while Alun was trying to make his Eggy Soldiers work, OTL and I headed off for our appointment.

When we got there we were seen by the vet who normally sees us at the surgery near us!

That made me feel a little better but not by much!

You see I suffer from what OTL calls 'Blue Coat Syndrome' which means I get scared every time I see a vet 'cos that normally means I get stabbed or poked and pushed and pulled about!

Well, this time, after much questioning and fiddling with my bits, it was decided to leave it for a couple of days to see what happens and if I still carry on weeing in my sleep then it would be back to the vet on Monday (today).  Luckily enough I seem to be OK today so no vets today, just an email to say I'm OK!

Now, back to TM and Alun and Glynis and the bottles of Giggle Juice!

After the visit to the vet we got home and TM decided to celebrate with a bottle of Bubbly! Of course Glynis had to help and Alun said he would stick to the chilled beer in the fridge!

OTL had a cup of tea, not because he was feeling unwell, it was because later on he had to drive down the the Chinese Takeaway to get the evening meal!

Well, the bottles kept on arriving at the table and OTL was kept busy opening them and TM and Glynis were slurping away and all the time were laughing and talking and laughing and drinking and getting sort of 'Wobbly'!

OTL and Alun went off to get the meal while the decks were cleared and more room made for more bottles!

We all had a super meal, we had chicken Chow Mein and King Prawns and Beef Chow Mein and Noodles and Rice and Prawns and Shrimps and Loads and Loads of Plawn Clackers!

Holly and I made right little pigs of ourselves!

Mind you, all of the TL's were doing the same!

Finally OTL got out a tin of Shortbread and started to nibble and of course when he nibbles shortbread what does he do? Yep! Out comes the Malt Whisky!

As OTL had no plans to drive any more he was having fun racing the Angels to the bottom of the whisky bottle!

It's one of his most favourite games!

Well, the Giggle Juice certainly worked and there were loads of giggles and OTL went Angel Hunting with the Fly Spray 'cos he had left the back doors ope and the lights had attracted loads of buzzy insects and Angels!

This morning we were late getting up!

OTL took us down the beach and we all got a little damp with the rain that had arrived!

Why is it she can get away with rolling in a sniff?
The tide was out, so I didn't get a swim nor did I get one at lunchtime and OTL said I am banned from swimming for a week until my tummy settles down!

Back home Alun was playing games with Fred and Wendy with a Cat Tease which every one thought was great fun. Later, while OTL was cage cleaning Alun decided to play with Freddy again and was waving his finger above Freddy's head not realising that although Freddy looks like he has a tummy on him, he can still jump!

And jump he did!

Up he went, wrapped his front paws around Alun's arm and gave him a Ferret Kiss with his teeth!

Freddy's claws had dug into Alun's arm and had drawn a little blood! You know the wimp wanted a sticking plaster!

All that happens when OTL gets a Ferret Kiss is I give his wound a good lick and make it better!

We waved goodbye to Alun and Glynis as they headed off home with Alun still complaining about his arm, we should have told him that Freddy is trained to go for the throat, that will stop him teasing Freddy!

Lunchtime down on the beach the tide was out so there was loads of sand to dig in and I dug a good hole that Wendy decided to crawl into. That was until Holly came steaming along the beach, skidded and shoved loads of sand back into the hole, covering Wendy!

What the........................?
Well, she dug herself out and went looking for the culprit who had tried to bury her!

 It wasn't me but Freddy and Holly as well as OTL were all suspects!

OK, Who was it?
 I must admit, it was very difficult to refrain from laughing at her as she came out of the hole all covered in sand!

It was then that we spotted a Light Ship out to sea. Now a Light Ship has no engine, well, why would it want one? I mean, once it gets to where it is going it is anchored to the sea bed and just sits there flashing its light!

Off to shine a light at night!
We had a look on the computer program but couldn't see it on the screen, so maybe it was just shown as the ship that was doing the towing and there are loads of tugs running up and down the estuary, so it could be any one of them!

Back home to finish off today's work and get ready for tomorrow. OTL has got manufacturing and stuff to do plus take us to get our hair cut!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!