Monday, 31 December 2012

Winding Up The Missus!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We have been spending all day with The Missus today 'cos Old Two Legs had to go out and didn't get back until late this afternoon.

Our morning walk was not as much fun 'cos TM didn't bring a ball with her to throw for us, mind you, I seem to remember that she was worse than OTL at ball throwing, so I suppose we got let off lightly!

Before OTL left he cleaned up after Snowflake and gave her a stroke and a cuddle, so she didn't bite him and let him brush her as well!

I still fancy having a taste but I'm trying really hard to be on my best behaviour and not lunge forward! You see, the trouble is, I don't see a ferret. all I see is a White Squirrel and you know what it's like when I see one of them in the trees!

Oooh! I come over all trembly and can almost smell Squirrel Pie!

After lunch we got another walk down on The Sea Wall and this time I got a really strong sniff of Rat, I mean, seriously strong sniff. There I was 'Ferreting' around in the bushes chasing the sniff all over the place and I just didn't hear TM calling me!

 Well, she was running up and down the Sea Wall calling me and whistling her 'Dog Whistle' (Ignore that thing anyway!)

She even put Holly back in the car and telephoned OTL to ask for instructions! In the end I decided that the rat had cleared of and I blame that whistle, it really goes right through you!

I finally came out of the bramble bush and walked up to her to tell her all about the big rats I had chased off, but she seemed more interested in telling me off for not coming back to the whistle. I mean, I never take any notice of that whistle anyway, no matter who is blowing it, so I don't know what she has to be cross about!

Later on, OTL came back and we gave him a 'Welcome Home' lick and we all went up to see Snowflake. She was pleased to see OTL as well but when he started to play with her on the desk top, she bit him twice, just to show that she didn't want to go back into the 'Shower Cage' again!

As we said to her, 'That's not the way to play with OTL, not if you want to stay here!'

She had a good game trying to get into the bag of Ferret Nuggets, you know she is as much of a greedy guts as Holly!

Just Checking the Ingredients!
No matter where OTL placed Snowflake, she kept on going back to the Nuggets! It wouldn't be so bad but she has had a bowl full of them plus a lump of raw chicken this morning already!

Mmmm! Nuggets!

When Michael and Sue were over here yesterday, OTL and Michael took some pictures of the late afternoon sun to compare colour handing of the camera processors and this is OTL's effort!

Sunset and Power Station!
 Boring or Wot!

I prefer pictures of Holly and me but I suppose OTL has to have a break every so often!

Not sure what is happening tomorrow, OTL may have one of his 'Late Mornings' like he did last year but we don't mind 'cos we can stay up late tonight and sing songs and pinch some of OTL's shortbread!

We are off now so a big Happy New Year to you all from us here in sunny North Kent!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake, TM & OTL!

See you in 2013!