Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Tooth Fairy is due soon!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Now, we forgot to tell you that Old Two Legs had an accident yesterday. You know he had a temporary bridge fitted  to his teeth and yesterday he sunk his teeth into a cheese sarnie and felt a 'Crunching' sound and out came half of the bridge! OTL was not happy about that and telephoned the dentist for an appointment which he got for early next week!

So, he ith back to listhping when calling Holly or me! It also stops him whistling 'cos when he blows through his lips there is no whistle!

Poor OTL!

Well wot gloomy weather we are having! I mean, it's not even a good storm or big waves on the beach or even snow or frost.

It's just gloomy skies and a chilly wind!

This morning the ferrets were dragging their paws and kept on getting back in the ferret bag, 'Too Woofin' Cold' says May and Eric together as they fight their way into the bag past the camera!

Mind you, I know what they mean!

We all got back home as quickly as possible and back to a warm bed!

All the ferrets were full of fun as they enjoyed their rampage around the house while their cage was cleaned. (Old Two Legs Favourite job!)

Fred and Wendy had a great time playing with the shopping bags and chasing each other around the lounge. Freddy also managed to pinch The Missus's jumper off the chair and wrap himself in it and roll around the floor!

May and Eric spent most of their time hunting for food in the kitchen and jumping on OTL as he was half in and half out of the cage!

We all enjoyed a snooze after that and let OTL get on with is work!

Lunchtime we were late in getting out but we didn't mind 'cos we were all asleep!

Freddy and Wendy decided they would pass on a lunchtime walk and instead they would have a rampage later on!

That means Holly and I had OTL all to ourselves. So, we sniffed our way down to the beach without having to wait for the ferrets and we even got back to the car in double quick time 'cos we were able to go a 'Woofer Speed' all the way back!

'Me, doing a Doggy Skip'!
 Holly said that she couldn't remember the last time see was able to get into Woofer Speed!

Holly getting up to speed!
 OTL had time to look for some 'Artistic' things along the path. He normally is too busy looking after the ferrets and making sure they don't disappear into the brambles!

So, it was great to see him getting all excited about the bush with leaves 'The Colour of Autumn'!

Looks like a load of dead leaves to me!
Back home again it was straight into our 'Snoozing Cushions' in OTL's office for a snooze before Fred and Wendy started rattling on their cage demanding an afternoon rampage! We reckon that the rampage will be about four thirty, so that will be too late for the blog 'cos we publish around four thirty!

So, as that time is showing on the clock, we are off to find somewhere safe to hide while the ferrets create havoc!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.