Saturday, 28 April 2018

A Prezzie for Rosie!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

Ain't it great to wake up and know that it's the weekend? The Missus was happy it was the weekend 'cos today she she was off to her 'Crop' at the village hall.

Now normally she just gets up early and makes a noise to wake everyone else up but today she was extra excited to be going out and got up even earlier and made extra amount of noise and on top of that managed to get in the bathroom before Old Two Legs which then made us a whole ten minutes late in going out for our walk!

Down on the beach it was all grey and damp again and there was a light dusting of rain drops which made our tails wet!

Back home the ferrets were having a great time, Eric and May were in a particularly good mood and played 'Fighting' all over the lounge and under the furniture. There are plenty of ferret sized holes in the workings of the sofa and armchairs all of which Holly and I can't get into but Eric and May can climb into and it makes a super place for a quick snooze between racing around and under the furniture!

Holly and I are allowed to hide in the bedroom and OTL makes sure the door is closed 'cos we don't do the sort of games that the ferrets do and he is afraid that we might just get upset if a ferret bites our tails!

Well, wouldn't you?

Freddy and Wendy love having a game as well but maybe not so fast as Eric and May.

May loves it when OTL rolls her on her back and tickles her tummy, she tries to roll into a ball and nibble OTL's fingers as he tickles her but what is funny is the chuckling Wendy makes as OTL is doing it!

Freddy loves a tummy tickle as well but he just rolls onto his back without OTL touching him and when OTL gives him a tickle, Freddy grabs OTL's finger with his front paws then grabs it with his teeth!

Lucky for OTL, Freddy doesn't bite, more of just holds it for a few seconds before letting so OTL to tickle Freddy's tummy again!

Now both Freddy and Wendy also have 'Mid Rampage' snoozes and can be found inside the furniture but Miss Wendy has found a new place to have a snooze.

You see TM had a little clear up in her 'Card Room' and putting her aprons in a box on the ground shelve, has made a super bed for Wendy to have a snooze in!

Today is the second time she has 'Found' this bed and we can reckon she will find it again!

After all this rampaging, the ferrets get tired and in need of a snooze, so, our lunchtime walk was done without the ferrets, which is a bit of a pain 'cos we had to pick up the car from the village hall after TM had transported all her card stuff up there.

Now normally Freddy and Wendy would have been with us but Wendy was just too exhausted and in need of a snooze so she didn't get her cuddle from Rosie who just loves Wendy and they always have a cuddle.

To make  up for Wendy's lack of attendance, she made up a picture in a frame for Rosie and we had to deliver it!

Just for Rosie!
 Down on the Sea Front it was still raining but not so heavy but damp all the same.

We were walking around having our normal sniff and a wee when we heard someone call out 'Hello Girls'

At first we couldn't work out from where it was coming!

Well, I can hear it but who is it?
 Then, puffing and blowing, along came Sid The Streak on his lunchtime jog along the Sea Wall, 'Hello Girls' he called out, 'Can't stop, trying to beat the record!'

Sid The Streak on a Mission!
We didn't bother to ask him what record he was trying to beat as he does make a big song and dance about keeping fit and regular exercise!

OK, we are off to see what OTL has for dinner tonight, I know we got Doggy Scoff and that's not much fun!

Archie's Mum was big and brave, I mean, a whole gallon of water and then laying down to have your tummy photographed? I would have wanted a wee first before posing for a photograph!

Best of luck with the Skin Doctor, let's hope it's all good news!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.