Saturday, 28 October 2017

Lucky Holly, she is still a Grubby Puppy!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

We were up good and early this morning. The Missus made sure of that, banging and crashing about, stomping up and down the stairs as well as switching all the house lights on!

You see she had made an appointment with the doctors surgery to get stabbed with flu germs and needed the little car 'cos she had made the appointment for 09:00hr!

Soppy TM!

When she got there at 08:40hr she had to wait in a queue until nine before she was let in. Talk about 'Grumbly Old Pensioner' apparently the whole queue was grumbling, mainly because they were all 'Grumbly Old Pensioners'!

They all wanted to get in out of the cold and didn't seem to realise that the surgery opened at NINE!

Morning on the beach, the sun had got up and Holly said that we wouldn't see it again for some time 'cos the clocks go back tonight and we get an extra hour in bed!

We won't see this for some time but we will see the sunsets!
 We were having fun on the beach when a crow started to sound off claiming that the beach was his and we should clear off!

Watch it crow chops, we got ferrets and we're not afraid to use them!
 Now, Holly was threatened with a wash and haircut but the rain stayed away so Old Two Legs set about removing the 'Wild Life' bit of the garden that he let 'Go Wild' this year.

Unfortunately it went too wild and ended up creeping into the neighbours garden!

OTL set to work and soon found out that he really should get himself another pair of heavy duty gardening gloves 'cos the thorns kept on digging into him!

OTL was not happy!

Well, he finally filled two of the wheelie bins with weeds and then declared that he was too tired to do any more!

Now that was good 'cos it was gone two and we hadn't been out for our walk yet!

Down on the beach Freddy decided he really didn't want to go digging in the sand so, as soon as OTL crouched down to take a picture, Freddy sprinted along the sand and jumped onto OTL's lap saying 'Gissa Cuddle Daddy!'
I need a cuddle!
Back home we had been invaded by  Auntie Karen 'The Cat Lady' who had come to visit TM and play at sploshing the gesso all over the place.

Holly and I got a prezzie each in the form of a rather delicious chew!

Now that was a result!

OTL found Trevor the Frog in amongst the weeds and to keep him out of trouble, he let him go swimming in the pond!

Karen said she had seen a lizard on her door step and took a picture but when OTL 'enhanced' it on the computer it turned out to be a Common Newt or Smooth Newt!

It may be common but we could do with some newts in our pond!

Smooooooth Newt!
 Tonight we will be watching the F1 qualifying and then off to a looooong nights snooze, the sort that Archie Babe has mastered!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.