Thursday, 26 September 2019

Beach Babes!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret back with you again!

Back home we have a camera out the front of the house to watch over our caravan and cars and not only does it record both day and night, we also have the 'live feed' down loadable on the telephone!

Looking at it today we see that it is raining a little more than it is up here!

In between the showers we have been out on the beach with Old Two Legs and his camera.

Now the sun is shining through the clouds and if he tried to take a picture of the sea there would be loads of very white bits that OTL calls 'Blown'!

So, being all technical he has brought his big collapsible Lens Hood that also holds his 'Graduated Filter' and has been 'Playing with the Light' off!

OTL being all 'Arty'!
holly and I decided that we should get in the picture and so when ever he put the camera to his eye, we were there!

See me, see my Sister!
Of course, being that he was trying to be Arty, I decided that I would join in and look all 'Artisan'!

This HDR photo thingy is all very Marmite, me, I love Marmite!
the Missus has been getting all 'Arty' as well and uploaded a video 'Teaser' on what she plans for the next visit up to the village hall when we get back home!

Seems that everyone is going 'Ooh and Aaah!' already, she is another show off!

OTL says he will give Holly and I another brush today, him and who's army?

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!