Monday, 7 January 2013

A Busy Day in The Shower Cubicle!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back again!

First of all, a big Woofing Welcome to Marilyn and Lindylou who have joined our select band of Followers!

We know there are other Two Legs who read our Blog but don't 'Follow' us, it's OK, we understand!

It takes a brave Two Legs to admit reading the thoughts of a Doggy who types using just one claw! 

It has been a busy day today, Old Two Legs went in and cleared Snowflake and her stuff our of the shower so he could have a wash down before taking us out for our morning run. It was OK until he turned the shower on and the water came out cold, like freezing cold, it wouldn't heat up at all!

His skin looked all blue when he got out of the shower!

Now, clever Old Two Legs had listened to the shower a while ago and decided that it sounded 'Sick' so had purchased a new replacement and put it in the loft for such a time as this.

Before he installed the new shower he took us out for our morning stroll along The Sea Wall.

We had left Snowflake back in her 'Cage' 'cos after her 'Ferret About' The Missus didn't want her running around loose while OTL was out!

There's nothing like an early morning 'Ferret Around'!
Holly and I had some fun playing Hide 'n' Seek, but I don't think Holly has got the idea of the game 'cos she runs away until she can't see me any more then calls out 'Ready' and if I do my 'Meerkat Impression', I can see her in the grass!

OK, I'm hiding now!
I can't tell her off for not playing the game properly or she will show off and I don't want a Showy Off Holly!

Back home we had our brush and Breakfast (Lambs Heart) while OTL set about the shower. We were banned from the bathroom, so it was just OTL and Snowflake.

Snowflake was acting as 'Plumbers Mate' and passing the screwdrivers and spanners when OTL wanted them. That was until she rolled onto her back and was playing with the screw driver OTL wanted!

What with Snowflake running around and climbing up on the wash basket and OTL splashing water all over the place, it was a bit 'Messy' in there and we were glad to be out of it!

We had better things to do like snoozing on the bed!

Half way through the installation The Missus wanted to get into the bathroom to have a look and that meant OTL had to pick Snowflake up, which he did, the wrong way around and Snowflake didn't like it, so she bit OTL!

Snowflake ended up in the 'Naughty Corner' which she wasn't too happy about, being her first time helping OTL and really it was TM fault for not letting Snowflake have a run around while TM was in the bathroom!

The lunch time walk was fun and Holly tried to join in the 'Ball Chasing' but as she says, She Doesn't Do Balls'

OK, Now What?
We did have a good game of running, we had what OTL called 'The Sea Wall Sprint' which I won, but only just! Holly is getting too good at running!

'The Sea Wall Sprint'
We met up with Jasper, he was lost in Maidstone and found by the Dogs Home who managed to place him with his present owner who loves him to bits!

Dunno about Ferrets, Rabbits are my 'Thing'!
Like me he was really into Rabbits but had never met a ferret, who knows, when Snowflake is allowed out on a lead we may introduce her!

Late this afternoon, OTL took Snowflake to the vets again, this time it was to check up on the Tick Drops that were put on ten days ago.

In short, the vet, with OTL's help took another five ticks off Snowflake. OTL had to hold her while the vet did the 'de Ticking'!

That make seventy three ticks that have been removed so far!

Snowflake didn't like it but was brave and didn't cry, even when she got the Distemper injection!

We are not sure that all the ticks are out and OTL has got to keep an eye on her and when we go down for our yearly 'MOT' and booster injections on Friday, OTL will pick up the drops the vet has prescribed for Snowflake at the same time!

So, all in all, an exciting day and a welcome to the household that Snowflake didn't expect!

OTL's pretty strict about injections, inspections and good health so we just have to put up with it! As Holly told Snowflake, 'Your lucky you don't have to have a 'Hair Cut, Shampoo and Set' every six weeks!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (A bit sore but still fighting fit!)