Friday, 8 April 2011

Pongy Porkie Puppy & Poo'y Daisy Dog!

Hello Everyone!

D&H back with you again.

We have got ourselves into an 'Adventure', and, before midday!

Old Two Legs had to go out delivering and stuff, so we tagged along with him. First it was a trip to a customer who runs a fleet of dustbin lorries. (Wonderful sniffs there!)

Then onto the factory estate to drop off some stuff to another customer. Next stop was the rubbish dump to throw away some things The Missus wanted rid off. That done, we just 'had' to have a walk over The Farm, 'cos it's so close!

That's what we did, plenty of sniffs and running and chasing butterflies and birds and OTL, when he whistles! We were going across a field when Holly gets a nose full of 'Super Sniff' and dives off into the field to check it out. So good is this sniff that she decides she wants to keep it around for a while, so she has a roll in it.

OTL saw this and was not pleased, in fact he was doing his crunch! He could see the sniff was a combination of several donations finishing up with a really squishy pile that Holly managed to get all over her back.

OTL had steam coming out of his ears and a few other places judging by the racket he was making.

Dunno why he was getting so wound up, I thought the sniff was OK myself!

When we got back to the car it was a case of giving Holly a rub down with some hand cleansing wipes OTL keeps in the car. Back home we went, telephone call to TM to get a bowl full of Doggy Shampoo ready for when we got in.

Poor Holly, she got all the sniff washed off her and a few other sniffs as well!

Afterwards, we had a snooze in the garden just to get dry, yeah, serious snoozing!

That didn't stop OTL taking us out at lunchtime for another walk, but this time it was along the Sea Wall and TM even came along as well!

So, taking a leaf out of my sisters book on life, I also found a pile of poo that had an irresistible sniff, and I had a roll as well!

Well, it seems that I managed to get it from one side to the other, evenly spread and with acceptable penetration into my fur!

Anyone for a sniff?
OTL was not happy, steam, smoke and Holly said there was fire as well!

I was chained up in the rear of the car all the way home, then dumped into the sink and washed, all over!

I lost the sniff, and got wet and soggy, all the way through to my skin!

Naughty Corner!
I also had to spend some time in the naughty corner.

I didn't mind too much as Holly brought me my half of the carrot so I would not be bored!




Just enjoying a snooze before diner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly