Thursday, 27 March 2014

TM's Sequel!

Attention Woofers!

Quiet on set please, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

What a day we have had today!

The Missus has got into her mind that the world wants to see a sequel to her last card making video!

That being so, Old Two Legs was up early to get us all walked and exercised before TM gets the make up on!

Mind you, he did say that we need not rush 'cos TM takes a while to get her 'War Paint' on!

We had a gentle walk down to the beach and on the way Holly came across a pong that neither of us could identify. We did think about having a roll in it but OTL was just too close for comfort!

I don't know what it is but it sure does pong!
Both ferrets were riding along in the 'Ferret Bag' and after a while Mr Brambles climbed out and onto OTL's arm again. He had only just got up and had a look at the ships passing when he spotted the camera, 'Oh Gawd' he says, 'Not Again!'

That camera here again?
We all had a good wander along the beach and when we got onto the path back to the car, Holly and I chased a rabbit but to be honest, it was too far away when we spotted it, so, by the time we got to where it was, we were too exhausted to do any more chasing!

Just for a laugh Holly and I crept up behind the ferrets and said that we will give their tails a nip if they didn't get a move on!

Well, it makes a change to get out own back!

Get a move on ferrets!
Back home OTL got going setting up the 'Studio' while TM tried to remember her lines! There were a few 'Re-Takes' and a couple of 'Bloopers' but enough about Holly's tummy!

TM was getting on well and in the end there were three sections that were videoed and OTL said that he had some work to do before up loading to the blog!

Maybe early next week it will have its 'Premier' so book your seats and get your pop corn on order!

Lunchtime it was still sunny and just a bit windy but it was still great diving in and out of the undergrowth!

We came flying out of the bushes to find OTL on his knees photographing this Small Tortoiseshell, his first one this year!

He does get so excited!

Head on to a Small Tortoiseshell!
 It looks like he will be out with his Macro Lens to get the small bugs!

What ever turns you on!

Now, tomorrow OTL is off for the weekend with Alun (Tripod Walla) for a weekend of fun and frivolity so we are not sure what TM is going to do for us regarding photographs!

We may just have tell you what happens instead of photos!

Boring or wot!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Clapper Board!)