Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sunday's are for enjoying!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We have been out for early Sunday morning walk with The Missus across the football field but we don't count that as a 'real walk' more a stroll! So, back we went and went up to have a chat with Old Two Legs who had just come out of the shower! It took him about five seconds to work out what we wanted and off we went in the car to the Sea Wall!

Chase the rabbits, have a sniff at the 'Rat Hole' before OTL chased us away! That's how to start a walk!

Sniffin at Rat Holes!
There were loads of people standing on the wall looking out to sea doing some bird watching. Well, I thought it might be fun following them and seeing what they got up too!

Trouble was, OTL called me back, spoil sport, still I had seen some fishermen a bit further on and they may have some food!

Got any food Mr?
Well it was a waste of time 'cos they had eaten their sandwiches, so Holly was out of lunch as well!

We did see a Little Plover on the beach scratching around for some food among the seaweed.

Ringed Plover
Holly caught sight of a rook landing on the Sea Wall and chased it off but it kept coming back, and Holly chased it down the steps and onto the slippery bit near the water. Well, she slipped and skidded down the slope and only managed to stop just before the water!

Holly heading for the slippy bit!
The rook was laughing its head off and Holly said that if she came across that bird on dry land she would have him stuffed and roasted!

OTL saw some little birds fluttering about and said they were called Long Tailed Tits, and they always stay in a family group, just like us!

Long Tailed Tit
Not the best shot but it was hand held and he had to take it quickly!

Our afternoon was spent snoozing in OTL's office, such a good place to snooze! We are not disturbed by the noisy TV and it is warm as well!

Dinner was Lambs Hearts and biscuits! A super way to finish the day off, besides mugging OTL for some shortbread!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly