Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday at The Show

Hello Woofers,

It's us back again.

Today we have been to the Kent County Show again with Old Two Legs and The Missus.

It was fun parking the car 'cos there were loads of men in yellow waist coats waving their arms about directing OTL to where he should park, of course we joined in and woofed at every one of those men and they were laughing at us, especially when Holly tried to steer the car and woof at the same time!

We went in and said hello to the Reindeer who said they were getting fed up with the visitors looking at them and trying to stroke their noses. Holly said she knew all about sore noses!

Next stop was the Main Ring where there were some horses chasing around trying to jump fences and knock the poles off.

On a Charge!
We did our cheering bit every time a pole went down but they didn't seem to appreciate it!

So, off we went to the horse drawn carriage competition. We picked the best one there and said it was the most useful, a machine for scraping up horse poo!

A Horse Drawn Horse Poo Scraping Machine!
The next ring we went to had small horses pulling carts around at a very high speed. Holly and me were seriously impressed with that!

Charging for Home!
It was super to see how the horses seemed always to keep in step with each other, it must take loads of practice.

In step with each other!
Holly and me tried that as we dragged The Missus and OTL off towards the Bambi Burger Stand, left right, left right, wiggle tail, left right, left right!

After lunch we went back to the big ring and TM went off shopping with OTLs wallet!

We saw four packs of fox hounds running around the ring together. They looked super fit and they were lead by a Whipper In. He is the one in charge of the pack, just like OTL!

A Whipper In doing his whipping in bit!
It was wonderful to see so many dogs together at one time and they all set off for a run around the ring, just to show off!

Off for a pretend fox hunt.
After that the Whipper In's rode down the field blowing their special type of whistle, OTL said it was a Hunting Horn, I said that I had seen deer with horns and they looked much bigger that those and anyway they sound more like a Raspberry!

No whistle, just a raspberry!
It was just after we left the ring that the rain came down, so we rushed into the Flower Tent. Now, OTL suffers from Hay Fever, and if it's not grass then it's flowers that set him off sneezing. So why does he want to wander around the flower hall?

Looking down a flowers throat!
 He took some pictures of the flowers and managed to get out again before he started to sneeze!

Pretty Red Flower
When we looked outside again it was still raining!

Getting wetter!
So we went back inside and had a sit down, which was not all bad, you see, we had not had our 'After get up snooze' nor had we had our 'Mid morning snooze' and we missed out on our 'Lunch time snooze' plus our 'After lunch snooze' was missed as well. So we felt like a couple of tired little puppies and OTL said that we should head off for home before the serious rain started, which was OK by us!

Tired Little Puppies!
We got home in time for dinner, followed by a sooze before heading off to bed!

Bye bye for now and se you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly