Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday = Rainday

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

There we were, all ready for another fun day in the sunshine and what happened? We got to the end of our morning walk and it started to rain!

It had been a good start to our walk, a couple of rabbits to chase and Miss Snowflake stuck her head out of the ferret bag to see if there were any Easter Bunny's hiding in the long grass!

Old Two Legs said that the sun shining through the clouds looked pretty on the water, yeah, yeah, what ever turns you on!

Gissa Bunny!

Easter Sunday Morning
 We all had a run on the beach, Holly and I went off down the other end of the beach and pretended we were getting excited. Miss Snowflake was watching us and she called out 'What you Soppy Puppy's got there?'

Wot You Soppy Puppy's Got?
 I came racing along the beach shouting that I'm being chased by an Easter Bunny with Big Ears!

Help! It's Chasing Me!
 Holly dog was right behind me and woofed that she was the Easter Bunny!

I'm The Easter Bunny with Big Ears and I've Come To Bite Your Legs!
You know what? Miss Snowflake was not impressed! She called us 'Daft Doggies' and said that she would give us both a 'Nip' on the legs if she got close enough!

Daft Doggies!
Right at the end of the walk the rain started. Now, you know we don't do rain very well and the ferrets decided they would rather be back in their beds!

Holly legged it back to the car and both ferrets said they wanted to be picked up 'cos OTL walks faster that they can!

I'm Off, see you back at the car!
Back home we had some Ox Heart for breakfast and the ferrets had a 'Rampage' while OTL was clearing their cage out.

Miss Snowflake had 'The Pickle' in her and both she and Mr Brambles spent some time chasing each other and 'Dooking' all around the bedroom!

OTL was on his knees playing with them but The Missus stayed on the bed out of the way 'cos she doesn't trust Miss Snowflake not to bite her toes!

After breakfast we all had a snooze, except OTL & TM who were busy watching the F1 Racing!

I must admit, I fell asleep during the race and woke up in time to see Hamilton finish in first place!

It was about then that I did my 'I wanna Walk' look at OTL followed with a little whimper, that normally does it!

I was a bit surprised to see OTL get out the rain coats! It was even worse when we went out, it was raining and it was raining so much that OTL didn't even take his camera with him!

So, down to the Sea Wall, a quick run around half of the normal route and then back to the car!

Back home again, a quick rub down with our towel and then up to bed to catch up on our snoozing!

OTL has got a curry tonight, so no muggings for me, but Holly does like a bit of Nan Bread dipped in the gravy, mind you, it does give her the wind!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.