Saturday, 30 November 2019

A Sun Rise and Three Intruders!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, what a change from yesterday. Overnight the wind has dropped and the temperature has gone down and the frost has arrived!

You know we even got to put on our 'Flying Jackets' just to keep the chill out!

It wasn't a heavy frost but it did turn the grass white and on top of that, the car windows were full of ice!

Just imagine what it would be like if that were snow!
We were late in getting up, it was Old Two Legs fault, he over slept and who were we to wake him?

The good thing was that we got to see a sunrise! Now we haven't seen one for ages and it made a nice change to see the sun creep over the horizon.

Looks like a Turner painting!
OTL says that the docks at Sheerness was where the ship The Fighting Temeraire was being towed from and that Turner must have set up his painting stuff on the Isle of Grain!

Of course, OTL just had to take a shot of the trees, well, it wouldn't be a sunrise without them!

Sun and Trees.
Lunchtime came and although there was a breeze it was sunny and a lot warmer than this morning.

One thing we noticed, with the exception of a couple of trees, all the leaves had dropped and the trees were all but bald!
Ready for the snow!
It was late this afternoon that the three hooligans arrived, Oscar, Louie and Alfie. Little monsters they are, they had a go at marking their territory but The Missus explained that weeing up the curtain was not the thing to do!

We all had a run in the garden and although it was dark, none of them fell into the pond, still, there is plenty of time!

Holly and I will have to be careful about our food, the three of them are right little guts and I can see I won't be able to leave my bowl of scoff unattended!

I'm not sure where they are sleeping tonight, I mean, there is just not enough room for OTL, TM, Holly and I let alone three hooligans!

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret, Louie, Oscar and Alfie.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Black Friday?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

It's not been a bad day today, we were out early and Old Two Legs managed to catch a sunrise, well not the sun but more of the pre-glow of the sun, if you know what I mean!

Not the best but we haven't seen one for ages!
It was good to see the colours and although the sun hadn't got up it made a change from those horrid grey sky's and rain drops landing on your nose!

The Missus was getting all excited 'cos the F1 Racing is on this weekend and she has no plans to go out glue slapping up the village hall or even visiting other glue slapping events!

That also means we can't get onto the sofa with a big carrot and chew our way through the carrot during the race!

She just hates the carrot crumbs all over the place!

Lunchtime we met up with a couple of woofers we don't often see and would you believe it, they are smaller than Holly!

.......any smaller and you could be a ferret!
They were both a bit yappy but so it Holly and I have also known to voice an opinion now and again!

We left them to it and headed off down to the beach where the tide was almost all the way in but the waves were gentle so, no big sloshing stuff over the Sea Wall!

We keep on seeing adverts on the TV about 'Black Friday', I really don't know what the excitement is all about, if everyone waited a bit longer they would have the 'January Sales' or a bit longer and there is the 'Spring Sales' then of course there is the Summer Sales' and those are followed by the 'Back to School Sales' which are just ahead of the 'Grand Autumn Sales' and those are followed by 'Black Friday'!

OTL says it's a trick to get everyone to buy stuff and is as a result of the Two Legs fear of missing out on something they never knew they wanted but because it is supposed to be price discounted , they really aught to buy it! The syndrome is called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)!

I suppose it's a bit like feeding time, you know, two bowls of food, mine and hers from the same pack but hers is better tasting just because it isn't my bowl!

It works with a chew chopped in half, yours and mine but I want yours 'cos I'm sure it's tastier than mine!

See, it's not only TL's but woofers as well!

FOMO is all in the mind!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Same Old but not so wet!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Today the ferrets were let out for a rampage around the house. They haven't been out since last Sunday and to be honest, they were going a little 'Cage Crazy'!

Every time Old Two Legs walked past the cage, Eric would be there with his claws clamped around the bars and shaking the cage for all his worth!

He wanted out for a run!

Well, to day he got it and both he and Wendy were dooking their tails off and chasing each other over and under the furniture plus jumping onto OTL's back for a cuddle and tummy tickle.

The weather wasn't brilliant but at least the rain held off while we were out down the Sea Front.

Not the most exciting vista!
Lunchtime we arrived to find the tide was right in and slapping the Sea Wall for all it's worth. The sea shells were being washed right up to the Sea Wall and even over the concrete steps!

No, I'm not going in there!
While we were sorting out the sniffs three tiddly woofers came past and as we had met them before, we exchanged sniffs and OTL got a howling big woof as a greeting. Trubble was, the 'Woof' sounded more like a gargle with custard!

It's not a woof, it's my Party Trick!
Now, there are some Two Leg's who think it is smart to dress their woofers up in all manner of rain coats and woolly jumpers and it is so EMBARRASSING!

I mean, how could you do this to a woofer?

Come on OTL, I need a cuddle!
OTL took pity on this woofer who not only got a cuddle and a tickle behind the ear but was allowed to give OTL a lick on the nose!

Well, we all felt so sorry for them!

OTL has been out most of the afternoon working so Holly and I have been sitting by the bedroom window watching out for him to return.

Friday tomorrow, the weekend is nearly upon us, with a bit of luck we may get the ferrets out for a run down on the beach!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

This week it's one long Monday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Wot a day! It started off with Old Two Legs getting up all of fifteen minutes late so that when we went out for a walk we had missed the 'Window' in the rain. Needless to say, we all got wet!

The morning was spent snoozing in the office and listening to the ferrets complaining about not being let out of the office for a rampage!

We've had a Two Legs in this week messing about with the kitchen cupboards.

All morning it has been raining but at lunchtime the rain had stopped!

Off we went, with our rain coats on, just in case and when we got down to the Sea Front, it was raining!

You can tell how wet it is out here, OTL has got his wellies out of the shed and is using them when he takes us out!

So, we have had three days of wet and damp and it looks like it will remain like that for the next few days!

Holly says that we could get the longest wet Monday this year!

Unless of course it carries on being wet and damp through next wee as well!

While OTL was cleaning the ferrets cage, he put both of them in the small travelling cage and they both snuggled down together and looked out of the cage at OTL rushing past with shovel loads of ferret poo.

The funny thing was, Eric was on the bottom and Wendy was on top of Eric, resting her chin on Eric's head, they looked dead cute!

We have been listening to OTL talking on the telephone to his mobile phone 'Service Providor' cos his mobile phone has gone wobbly.

It sort of goes like this, 'Hello, is that sales?'   Yes how can I help you?  'Well I got one of your phones and it has stopped working, like it won't switch on' Oh I'm sorry about that, what is your phone number?  '07777 777777'  OK, I have it here, ummmm, sorry I can't talk to you. 'wot?'  No, err, sorry but you have been with us for twenty years and have attained the distinction of being a Premier Customer.  'OK who can I talk to?'    If you dial 191 there is someone who can talk to you.  'How do I do that, my phone won't switch on!'  Umm, if you look on our website they have contact details.  'OK, I'll look on the web site'      Off he goes only to find the web site is shut down for maintenance and won't be up and running for a day or two!

It's a good job OTL keeps his old phone in the drawer, at least he can swap over the sim card!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

We got visitors this weekend!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Well, unless we didn't know better I'd say that today is Monday but Old Two Legs says it's Tuesday and it's just as miserable but at least the wind has dropped!

Now, as you know, us woofers are in charge around here but we caught OTL and The Missus discussing visitors that are supposed to be staying with us for a couple of days.


I mean, we know them, they are those three hooligans that live with Auntie Jane and got a super garden where you can poo or wee where you want!

Well, if they come here there will be no pooing in the garden and if there is any trouble we got a pond we can circum navigate with out trouble but these hooligans have already been in pond trying to run around it!

Local Knowledge is a distinct advantage!

Mind you, we have got to take them out with us down the Sea Front but that's no problem 'cos they will be on a lead each while Holly and I will get our normal rein free walkies!

A real miserable morning.
 Mind you, we can show them a good path with sniffs they would have not sniffed before!

We secretly call this 'Sniff Alley'!
 This afternoon, on our walk the sea looked really strange, like a painting sort of!

We can't make up our minds which is the better one.

A view from Grain looking out to sea.
 This other one is definitely one that could have been painted!

We think this a sort of  'Inpressionist' type of painting!
 We asked wot an 'Impressionist' type of painting was and OTL says it is a painting that gives an 'Impression' of something, so, wot are these then?

A Seaside Storm Impression?

You know sometimes it's best we don't ask questions cos we don't understand the answer!

Bring on the hooligans, we're ready for them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Monday, 25 November 2019

A Miserable Monday, Official!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, we have, for some time, not heard a squeak out of Wendy or Eric. They have been cuddling up together in the beds and curling up into what is called a Ferret Doughnut!

We reckon that they will be OK for travelling together in the travel cages when we go out down the Sea Wall or even when we go on holiday!

Would that could be said for Holly and I.

We had an argument the other day over a teeth cleaning chew that was on my bed and Holly reckons that it was hers and I had nicked it!

As if!

Well, we had a bit of a shouting match and Old Two Legs had to drag us apart by the scruff of our necks and then he told us off rotten!

No one got the chew cos OTL threw it in the bin!

Ever since then we have been good little girls!

Today has been a right rotten day, we even had the Two Legs on Radio 4 say that today was a 'Miserable Monday' so, there you have it, official and from the BBC!

We got a Two Legs in to do some re engineering of the kitchen which is making The Missus all pleased but because the TL is sloshing paint about both Holly and I plus the ferrets are banned from the kitchen 'cos we #'Can't be Trusted'!

Us? Trusted?

I can understand it about the ferrets being untrustworthy, I mean, they do it just for fun but Holly and I!

We stood on the Sea Wall and waved at Southend but didn't see Auntie Sue or Mike, maybe they have gone inland for a rampage!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Back Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Sorry we missed you last night, it's Old Two Legs fault, he fell asleep in the chair and only woke up when The Missus clumped up the stairs to go to bed!

Mind you, Holly and I did have a long snooze as well!

We were up early, well, just how much sleep can a woofer have!

You know, there were no other woofers on the beach or in the forest or even the sea wall, well, it's Sunday and everyone is still in bed!

Lunchtime was better, no rain and little wind!

Sheerness on a Sunday afternoon, good innit?
One of the good things about the tide being out is that Holly and I get to have a run on the beach and if we find a sniff or two, we get to have a roll and OTL can't stop us!

I gotta Big Sniff here!
OTL had given up on trying to control us and headed for the top of the hill where he found some black fungi. It's the first time he has seen that coloured fungi and is not sure if it is a new fungi or one of the normal ones with a problem!

It could even be a bit of poo!
Autumn is well on it's way now and what leaves are left on the trees will be on the ground soon, so this could be the last photo before the snow arrives!

Just imagine it with six foot of snow and a couple of ferrets dancing on top!
Let's hope OTL doesn't fall asleep again, mind you TM is worse, she falls asleep as soon as dinner has finished!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Another Rock!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

It has been a bit gloomy down here in North Kent, we got down in time to catch the sunrise but so did a load of clouds and we lost cos the clouds were bigger than us!

Well, it's there but not as visible as we would like!
 Being a Friday is has been quiet and the ferrets have been having fun with their two hour rampage around the house.

Holly and I escape to the bedroom and enjoy a snooze on the bed!

Old Two Legs says it is fun watching the pair of them chasing each other around the lounge and under the chairs. Eric has a habit of running around the room, diving under a chair and then poke his head out, look at OTL and then run out and dive at him!

We have been told that he has been 'Smoothy Hunting' in The Missus work space and after digging it out of a drawer, he runs off with it in his mouth and hides it behind the old music centre where TM can't get to it!

One up for Eric!

Lunchtime it was just as gloomy but we did find another Grain Rock. This time it was jammed into the gate post and had drawings of Poppies!

Lest We Forget
 Then we turned it over and on the back was........

This says Grain Rocks, Remembrance Day 2019
 OTL says that there was a number of these placed on grave head stones in the local church on Remembrance Day and it was mentioned on the Grain Rocks Faceache page.

We didn't see the pictures cos OTL doesn't have a Faceache account, TM won't let him!

Today we decided to leave it where we saw it so that someone else will be able to appreciate it.

OTL is still coughing but says he is more concerned with the bruises on his back.

Seems he was snoring last night and TM was trying to advise him of the noise he was making!

Ooooo! She can be so forceful!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

We may need a bigger bed!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret back again.

We have been missing out on the goings on in the ferret cage. There has been no screams, squeaks or punch ups!

The only squeaks are when the pair of them have a play fight and are rolling around on the carpet!

Nowadays they can be found cuddled up together in the cuddle cup with one of The Missus pinnies!

If Miss Wendy is on her own she can stretch out with all four paws to the corners!

Now that was OK until Eric was allowed in!

If Eric was in there on his own he had to curl around the edges.

Now when they crawl into bed they get all wrapped up in the pinny and each others paws!

I can see that Old Two Legs will be checking the sizes of cuddle cups in stock and picking up the biggest and if they prove too small then a new cuddle cup may be ordered!

I really need a bigger bed!
While OTL had the camera out he took a picture of me doing my 'Iwannawee' look.

You just don't know how much I need a wee!
We didn't take the camera out today cos the weather was horrid, misty, cold and windy!

There were no Grain Rocks around anywhere and what woofers we met all had their coats on and I must admit there were a couple that looked right weird, I mean, there was a French Bulldog with a yellow parka on!

With a bit of luck the weather will change tomorrow but I don't expect it to get warmer than last week but I keep my claws crossed!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Atishoo, Atishoo he then fell down!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, Old Two Legs is still alive! We know that 'cos he was making such a noise last night. First he starts off by coughing and then after finally falls asleep, he starts snoring, worse than The Missus!

We know what to do, Holly starts shoving him in his back while I jump on top of his head and give his ear a good licking!

That woke him up!

Of course, all good things come to an end and he was back to snoring and coughing, right up to when we gave him another kick and an ear lick!

Needless to say, we were up a little later than normal but not too late that we missed the sun, in fact by the time we headed towards the forest it still hadn't come over the horizon!

Another shot of the tree and bench, plus the bin where OTL throws the poo bags!
Our last look at Sheerness showed us that the sun still hadn't got up yet. Off we went hunting Grain Rocks but even they were still in bed!

We beat the sun this morning!
We spent the morning munching away on some rawhide chews while sitting under OTL's office desk and OTL spent the time coughing and sneezing!

The lunchtime walk was chilly and a bit more wind that this morning but we kept going like the brave little puppies we are!

Now, every so often we like to have some fun and the best time is when we have had our lunch, or dinner or even breakfast.

You see, we get a treat from The Missus when we have eaten all our food and sometimes she forgets so Holly and I jump up on the sofa and 'Talk' to her. Not that she understands what we are saying but in the end she gets the idea!

Well, today we thought we would have a joke on OTL and after our lunch we sneaked up to his office, jumped up and shoved the back of his chair. This is the way we attract OTL's attention if we have something for him to do.

Normally it's a wee in the garden!

Today we jumped up, bashed the chair and as soon as he turned around, we started woofing at him in our 'Quick! Follow us, it's IMPORTANT' woof!

We got him up and down stairs in no time and sat by the treat box!

We got our treat and he called us a pair of sneaky woofers!

Sneaky? Us?

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Frosty or Wot!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, sorry about yesterday, we forgot to hit the 'Publish' button!

It's Old Two Legs fault, he has been coughing and wheezing and feeling all sorry for himself!

I mean, it's only a cough and cold and his nose is all snotty and his head aches every time he sneezes or coughs!

It was freezing this morning and although the wind wasn't blowing the was enough frost on the ground to make us think about snow and winter time!

Any more of this and we'll be able to make snowballs!
 We were a little late in getting up, OTL's fault, he got woken up in the night with his coughing and then Holly got him up at midnight cos she needed a wee!

We could hear Holly woofing at the kitchen door and both The Missus I and stayed perfectly still until OTL woke up and went down to let her out and while he was down there we sort of wriggled about and took over more of the bed!

Freezy Cold under paws this morning!
The sun was up by the time we got to the forest and positioning the sun behind the tree managed to get this shot.

It's that tree again!
OTL has been a bit lazy today and has spent most of the day in the office playing on the computer.

Sorry to hear about Archie Babe having his butt squeezed, we are lucky in tat we don't have that done to us. Just occasionally we get out butt washed and scrubbed if we get a Grumbly Tum!

I think OTL is planning an early night tonight, that is unless he falls asleep in front of the TV and then it turns into a late night!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Scary Woofer!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again.

It has been a bit warmer today, the wind has swung around a bit and is now coming off the land instead of blowing in off the sea!

It was dark when we started our walk and as we were sniffing our way across the field we heard a clumping that indicated that a big woofer was coming out of the dark!

All of a sudden this humping great German Shepherd Dog came bounding into view!

Scared the tail off of me, sat Holly Chops down on her butt!

This thing looked like the Hound of the Baskervilles and we thought it was about to attack Old Two Legs but instead of ripping his head off, the woofer danced around OTL like a big soppy tart!

Of course, as he was dancing about he got the famous OTL Tail Tickle and a scratch behind the ears as well!

That was it, off he lolloped into the dark. All we heard was a 'Good Morning' from the Two Legs who carried his lead!

It was all too dark to bother with the camera so we expect OTL to be all clicky-click at lunch time.

Another walk?
Well lunchtime arrived and off we went, It was mild with a soft breeze which almost disappeared once we got into the trees.

No breeze, no rain but we can hear a woofer!
So, there we were walking through the forest enjoying the sniffs when we were woofed at by a little Pomeranian Woofer, all of five months old!

Well, we couldn't woof back cos we were laughing too much and pretended we were scared and decide we would run away as though we were terrified!

Well, it will give her laugh!

No more Grain Rocks!

We were thinking of getting Eric or Wendy out for a run but they were fast asleep, well, maybe tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

OTL is infected and it's TM fault!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret again!

Well, it's been a 'Do Nothing Day' today.

We were out at the crack of dawn to a very cloudy sky and a grumbling Old Two Legs!

There we were, sniffing the sniffs and looking for rabbits but all we could hear was OTL mumbling 'It's all her fault'!

I'll tell you the story.
 Eight day ago The Missus was invited to go to the doctor to get an anti flu jab. She was told that she may feel 'Flu Like Symptons' and true to the warnings, she got what seemed like a dose of the flu.

Snotty, head ache, coughing and generally feeling grotty.

As she headed off for the weekends jollies the symptoms were decreasing and she was feeling better.

Friday OTL had the sniffles, Saturday OTL had the head ache and coughing and all today he has been feeling grotty.

We recon that he has caught the flu from TM when she had the anti flu jab!

OTL is not a happy puppy!

We have been sitting on the sofa with OTL giving him cuddles 'cos we don't get the flu but we have had to keep the ferrets away from OTL cos ferrets can catch the flu from Two Legs and it's just not the pressie you want to give a ferret!

OTL didn't take the camera out this morning as it was just too dark and at lunchtime it was too grey and miserable for any pictures!

Mind you, about half way around the walk Holly spotted two kites being flown by a family of TLs and the noise they made started Holly woofing her tail off!

Of course I joined in as well and at one point one kite almost crashed to ground, saved only by a Mini TL giving the string a sharp pull and it shot up into the sky again!

We haven't found any Grain Rocks for a few days, maybe they have all gone shopping for pots of paint!

We have just had a look at the calendar and see that next Friday OTL has to go for his Anti Flu Jab, providing he is well enough to go!

By the way, this morning OTL reports that both ferrets were play fighting after being let out of the cage, OTL says the were laughing and squeaking and then chasing each other!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Poor Archies Babe!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now what's all this about our Archie Babe? Poor lad has a Sore Paw and it has cost a fortune?

What he needs is a good cuddle!

We'd come up there and give him a cuddle but Old Two Legs won't give us the car keys, so we'll have to send cuddles and licky kisses like this from us and the ferrets!    :fuzzyhug:

We got washed and shaved today, I was a good girl and didn't struggle too much but Holly wriggled all over the place!

Finally we got it all done and OTL has promised us another shave in a week or two if we don't behave!

We were up early this morning and just to show you how early, here is us in the dark!

Can't see your paw in front of your nose!
I got shaved first and OTL took this picture.

Do I look the dogs doodah or wot?
This afternoon the sea was flat, like no waves at all! Not sure what tomorrow will be like, a bit warmer will do nicely until we get used to the short hair!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Friday, 15 November 2019

Cold Damp and Windy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here.

Today has been one of those days when you just know that winter is coming. Take this morning, out we went for our morning walk and instead of balmy breezes what did we get?

Rain and wind!

We didn't hang about and soon we were back home having a snooze while Old Two Legs loaded the car up with stuff for The Missus.

Then off they went with TM waving to us who were watching from the bedroom window.

TM is off to a Craft Thing over the weekend and reckons she will be splashing the glue about plus the glitter and even buckets of ink!

I think it's a good idea that she goes on her own cos we don't fancy getting anywhere near her when she starts sploshing that lot about!

Lunchtime we went out again and it was still raining, never mind Archie Babe not doing wet, we don't do wet either!

OTL decided that it was a good idea the give iu a good brushing to get some of the tangled hair sorted before we get the wash and hair cut he has been promising us for the last two weeks!

Mind you, we won't have our hair cut so short as we do for the spring and summer!

Tonight OTL has promised us a carrot each and we plan to eat that on the sofa!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

No Ferret Games Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret back again!

Old Two Legs was up at his normal time this morning and he says it had nothing to do with me jumping on the bed and giving his ear a good lick!


Our walk this morning was spoilt by the rain that was dribbling down but we managed to get around without too much trouble!

The Missus had left early this morning to do some visiting so we spent the day teasing OTL. You see, he has his office in the back of the house and can't always hear the door bell go and sometimes the delivery people don't see the bell push and just tap on the window, which OTL doesn't hear.

So, being very helpful puppies, Holly and I start woofing our tails off.

OTL hears us woofing and comes into the front of the house to see who is at the door.

What good little woofers we are?

When we get bored we start our woofing and when OTL is just about to look out the window, we stop woofing 'cos there is no one there!

No matter how many times we woof, he has to look out the window 'cos maybe, just maybe, there is someone there!

Woofin' good fun!

This after noon it stopped raining but there were some dramatic cloud formations above Sheerness and to the East there looked like a big storm developing!

Looks like a rain cloud developing!
You can never be too sure about rain clouds this end of the world, some just pass us by but there are others that sneak up the River Medway and dump a deluge on us!

It looks like someone will get a deluge later!
OTL has been plonking away on the computer again, talking to his customers. A lot of his customers can't speak our language so they both use the 'Translate' option on the computer which can sometimes be hilarious!

And you thought I couldn't write proper like wot you do!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

A Little Wee to help!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Normally we kick Old Two Legs out of bed around six in the morning, that gives him time to have a shower (Yuk!) clean his teeth and take us about by six thirty.

Today he didn't even wake up until seven! Lazy OTL!

Of course, that means the sun had got up and was racing across the sky by the time we got to the Sea Wall!

Look at that sun, it's almost midday!
We didn't see any one we would have bumped into and in fact we came across a woofer we had never met before!

We did our 'Greeting' woof but he turned around and gave us the 'Stay away or I'll rip your tail off!'

How terribly rude of him!

No Christmas Card for him!
Towards the end of our walk OTL found another Grain Rock. It had been mounted on the gate post, so OTL picked it up and stood it on the notice board at the entrance to the forest walk.

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Today has been a fun day for OTL, he has been trimming the vegetation and emptying the bird box of straw and feathers plus clear out the gutters all in time for Winter!

This afternoon the sky was almost like the Bahamas, blue sky and fluffy clouds and if you squint your eyes Sheerness almost looks like it has a sandy beach!

Now remember, squint hard!
The ferrets are still cuddling up together and even playing down in the lounge when OTL gets out all the toys and towels.

Both ferrets love diving into the pile of towels and rolling about, then they come out and chase OTL into the kitchen so he can get out their Lactose Free Milk and some of the 'Brambles Biscuites'.

When OTL was sweeping up the leaves we joined him in the garden and helped him, well, both Holly and I did a wee on the leaves just so he knows which ones go in the compost bin!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

They are still sleeping together!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

We rolled out of bed this morning a whole half an hour late!

Lazy Old Two Legs!

The sun had got up so there was no exciting colours but we did try!

So, wot's wrong with black?
We got around the corner and then saw that the clouds were sweeping across the sun and unfortunately it didn't get any better!

Well, the sun is there, somewhere!
Back home OTL has been plonking away on the keyboard and mumbling strange curses at the computer. I really don't know why he gets himself into such a tizz wozz. Why don't he just telephone his customers and say 'Oi!' 'giss sum munny or we send in Eric'!

Lunchtime it was raining and we left the camera in the car. On the way around we spotted a 'West Highland Terrier' and we charged up to her woofing our tails off. You know, she totally ignored us and went up to OTL to get a stroke and a tickle on the tail!

She was wet from the rain but didn't seem to mind it and kept cuddling close to OTL to get more tickles!


Back home we settled down to a snooze on our beds in the office and OTL went back to banging away on the keyboard mumbling curses!

OTL has been thinking about getting the ladder out and cleaning the gutters before the winter sets in, that plus trimming the plant  that sits right up against the fence.

The only problem is that every time hi thinks he will have a rains!

All today we have seen Wendy get into the cuddle cup, followed by Eric who snuggles down next to her, then, after a while he gets up, goes down for a wee and afterwards climbs back into bed.

A little while later she does exactly the same.

Things are looking good, even if there are a few squeaks when they are let out to play while their cage is cleaned.

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Soggy Monday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Today has been one of those Mucky Mondays when you just wish Tuesday would hurry up and arrive!

Old Two Legs has been in discussions with the Accountant man and has spent all afternoon on the computer trying to produce a 'Template' so he can send bits of paper electronically instead of sending what he calls PDF files.

Sounds like a waste of woofing time to me!

Out this morning we found a Grain Rock on the bench by the side of the football field, so click click and then reposition it on a concrete post!

This bench gets cold at night!
 There's an oak tree growing by the side of the path and it seems that the leaves have turned yellow over night!

It changed almost over night!
 Eric and Wendy were having a 'Rough 'n' Tumble this morning when they were let out of the cage. Although it was a bit rough and there was the occasional squeak from Wendy you could say that they were actually playing!


OTL didn't feel he could trust them both in the travelling cage at the same time so today it was Eric's turn to come out for a run. The wimpy ferret tried to spend all the walk tucked up inside the ferret bag!

OK, I'll come out when we get to the forest
 Before the forest we tried to get him to have a dig in the sand on the beach but he couldn't get enough enthusiasm to dig even one hole!

I just don't want to dig, it's too cold!
 Poor Eric, he just doesn't do cold!

The good news is they are cuddling up and things look super!

See you all tomorrow when the weather will be better (we hope) and OTL may have worked out how to do the 'Templates'


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

A Cuddly Sunday for Eric and Wendy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Didn't it rain last night? I mean, there were puddles on the roads where normally there is none!

We thought that there may have been a sunrise worth a photo or two but at the last minute the clouds walked over the sun!

The sun is there somewhere!
Walking along the Sea Wall we noticed that there were empty Whizz Bang boxes. Old Two Legs reckons that together with the burnt out Whizz Bangs on the beach someone has spent a lot of money that in reality has been set on fire.

Why don't they empty their wallets and set fire to the money inside, it would save so much time and trouble!

I wonder how many chews you could buy with what that lot cost?
There are many paths in the forest and some we don't visit for a while. They seem to gather sniffs worth sniffing after a couple of weeks or so and we seem to spend a long time investigating them, much to OTL's annoyance!

We haven't been along here for a while.
Lunchtime came and I suggested that today we take Eric down on the sea front, so, opening the cage door ready to invite Eric to get out of bed we found this!

No thanks, too comfortable!
They don't always spend time cuddled up but when we do see it we all go,


You can't beat a Sunday Cuddle!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Rocky Gone!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

More good news!

Last night as Old Two Legs walked in to say good night to the ferrets and found that they were both tucked up together in the cuddle cup.

This morning OTL went in to see them and they were still in the same cuddle cup as last night!

Things are going well!

Down on the sea wall there was a reasonable sunrise and we even saw the sun come up over the horizon!

Good Morning World!
Today, The Missus headed off to the village hall for a day of glue slapping, so we had the run of the house. The ferrets had a great time as well, running all over the boxes and diving into the rubbish bin to rake the paper out onto the floor!

Lunchtime arrived and OTL woke Wendy up and dressed her in her harness and off we went again, heading down to the sea wall.

It took a little while for Wendy to get going but after a while she was chasing the tails off Holly and me alternatively.

You know what, Freddy de Ferret used to chase me as well!
We all had a good look but didn't find any more Grain Rocks, Holly says that we stand more of a chance to find another tomorrow 'cos it was Sunday and there is bound to be loads of Two Legs walking around the sea wall.

It will be interesting to see what the TL's make of a ferret with a Grain Rock!

We are hoping that the Whizz Bangs don't go off tonight. Holly won't miss them at all!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.