Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Miss Twinkle Arrives!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here!

Yes, you are correct, there is a new name in the list!

Well, let's tell you what happened today.

We got up as normal and looked out of the window, it was raining, in fact pouring down, so both ferrets went back to bed saying that we are 'On Our Own!' Once we got down there it wasn't too bad and we completed our business and headed back to home and 'Doggy Scoff'!

That was it, we showed off and retired to our beds in Old Two Legs office for a snooze and to get the damp out of our hair.

About half way through the morning OTL got a telephone call from The Vet, which normally means they are reminding him our injections, worming tablets or something else is due!

This time it was different. The vets said that they had a young ferret handed in to them yesterday and it had been found hiding under some dog kennels. Not a safe place for a ferret!

It was described as being 'Young' and 'Hadn't Nipped Anyone', yet! Could OTL look after it and try to find the owner?

Well, you know what OTL's like, a big softy where animals are concerned and off he went carrying the 'Traveling Cage' down to the vets.

A little later he was back and we all went up to the office to have a look at our new 'Four Legs'.

Mr Brambles was fast asleep and wasn't waking up for anyone!

Miss Snowflake was very interested in the 'New Girl' and had a good sniff and even got to 'Touch Noses'!

Come on, Let's see your Tail!
The new ferret couldn't remember her name and was obviously a bit scared, all this new sniffs and strange noises and other ferrets and Woofers!

Sorry, I can't remember my name!
We decided that she must have a name, so we all had a go at suggestions. OTL wanted a name that reflected her character, Snowflake suggested 'Number Three' but we all thought didn't fit her at all. Holly wanted to call her 'Edible' but then again Holly is always guided by her tummy and that suggestion was dismissed!

Then The Missus suggested Twinkle 'cos she looked like a 'Little Star'.

That was it, we all decided that was a good name, so, allow me to introduce .........

Miss Twinkle!
Now we have looked through the books and have decided that she is a 'Black Sable' which means that she has a mask across her eyes and although she is very dark brown, her hair turns black at the end. Unlike Mr Brambles, (who is still asleep), his mask is very faint and he is a sandy brown, which I suppose could be classed as a Brown Sable but we have always called him a Sandy colour!

So, at the moment, OTL has reported her to the 'Lost Property' section of the local police station, just in case she is reported as 'missing' and of course, the vet has her on their books as staying with OTL, so if the owner makes enquiries, they will be pointed to OTL.

Tomorrow, OTL is taking her back to the vet's for an injection against Canine Distemper which is a killer and especially as Holly and I are Woofers! We don't want her to give it to us and we wouldn't want to give it to her!

Now, the best part of today, so far, has been silly OTL. You see, we are all going coo, coo over Miss Twinkle and she is looking out the side of the cage at everything that was going on.

OTL, reaches down to pick something up off the floor and just manages to rest his nose against the bars of the cage, Miss Twinkle, being a young and fast ferret, thinks, 'This is Fun Time' and gives OTL a nip on the end of his nose!

Well, OTL's skin is not as tough as a ferrets and of course before he could do anything else, Miss Twinkle had drawn blood!

You know, we haven't had the sniff of TCP for ages, it reminds us of the time when Snowflake first turned up here and took a liking to OTL!

I think we have all now taken a liking to Miss Twinkle, even OTL!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles