Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Hi Fans,

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

Today we started off with some fun.

After our walk and a brush we decided to creep off to Old Two Legs office for our normal 'after get up snooze'. We had just got our heads down and were drifting off into that soft dreamy world that occurs before 'real' sleep sets in when we heard The Missus shouting out for OTL.

Fire! FIRE! Fire!!!!

Well, OTL went down stairs at a good gallop, followed by Holly and me but not getting too close in case we got caught up in the inferno that was developing.

What we found was TM standing next to the clothes iron which was smoking like an old factory chimney!

OTL grabbed the iron and headed for the kitchen door. Once out in the garden he put it down and put a plastic bucket under the tap, turned the tap on and started to fill the bucket.

The iron was still simmering nicely, smoke still exiting all the 'steam holes', by now the bucket was getting full so OTL picked up the iron and dropped it into the bucket, with the water still pouring over the iron.

Well, the iron did not like this and started to hiss and spit steamy water all over the place, so we all backed off and let it get on with it!

Hot & Steamy!
OTL saves the day again, but he has now got to buy a new iron for TM and that will hurt!

Holly says that TM set light to the iron because she didn't want to do any ironing today and would rather sit watching the motor racing and making cards, but I wouldn't be so cynical!

Or, maybe I would, that TM is so sneaky!

OTL had to deliver some work stuff so we all went out with him, there was Holly and me and TM!

We went out so we can get a walk in the New Park but we were not sure why TM came with us!

First of all we had a sniff then we got down to the Tee Pee and went inside but there was a lot of noise outside and Holly said that it was the Indians coming back for lunch, so we had a look outside but didn't see them, so, while they were still over the hill, we got out, fast!
What's that Noise?
 Next we went down to the swimming hole and as there was no one there, we had a little paddle, Holly said she saw a fish swim in front of her but I think she was telling porkies!

It was a Big Fish, honest!
We had a little splash around and we both got wet tummies, then Holly asked 'The Question'

Here, she said, you know other dogs play in here, yes, says I, well, she says,

'Do you think they wee in here?'


Well we didn't hang about and were out and running around to get dry in no time!

After the walk we found out why TM was with us, she got OTL to buy another electric steam iron, wonder how long before she blows it up!

While we were there, we happened to notice that the Doggy Shop was just next door!

Well, that was a good thing, 'cos we dragged OTL in and took him up to the Bone Counter, yep, OTL fell for it and out we came with a bag of bones and some chicken strips!

We saw some live rabbits in a plastic sort of box room, with all their toys and food and water, Holly wanted OTL to buy a couple for dinner tonight but he said they weren't for eating!

We are set for this evening, OTL with his shortbread and whisky and us with our bones and chicken strips!

This is how the weekend should start!

See you tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly (all wee'd out!)