Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday with Old Two Legs

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Happy Birthday to Missy who is now old enough to know better, according to OTL!

We've had a fun day today, even if the sun has been hiding behind the clouds.

First of all, I jumped up onto OTL's desk and then got onto the window ledge.

I see a Holly Dog Down There!
The window was open and Holly was in the garden mooching about looking for any new sniff. I stuck my head our and did a little 'Woof', not too loud but enough so that she could hear me.

Woofing at Holly Dog!
She looked behind her, then to the sides and could not see me, that puzzled our Holly, she sat down and began to slowly look all around the garden, expecting me to be hiding behind the bushes or behind the shed.

So I woofed again and did a little whine at the same time.

This time Holly got up and stared to wander around the garden, grumbling to herself, and getting more and more puzzled about why she couldn't see me!

OTL was laughing at us both and Holly heard that and looked up!

That was it, I was chased all over the house by Holly, looking to unscrew my tail!

Later, we went with OTL to post some bits and then to the bank. We sometimes go in the bank with him but as it was Friday we stayed in the car 'cos it might be too crowded with people.

After that, it was down to the New Park again, load of fun chasing the ball and going for a deep paddle. I was showing a Jack Russell where the deep bits were, Holly decided not to have a paddle but went running around with another  Jack Russell who wanted a game of 'chase'.
...and there's a deep bit over there!
Going back to the car is always good 'cos we have a game of 'chase' to help dry me off and of course, Holly and me get into a pretend tussle and OTL says it looks like we are dancing!

Dancing Doggy!
By the time we got back to the car I was all dry and my fur was fluffed up, so, no need for the heated seat!

When we got back The Missus gave us a chew each, I hid mine behind the shed and Holly had started to chew hers, then she fell asleep on top of it, so I sneaked over and pinched it!

I was feeling good about that when I realised that it was not hers, it was mine! The crafty puppy had dug mine up from behind the shed where I had buried it!

As soon as I find where she has hidden hers, I'm going to eat it all, in front of her!

So there!

I'm off to bed now as it's getting late. We have Auntie Karen (Cat Person) coming over tomorrow to play at card making (gassing) with TM, so Holly, OTL and me are off out to wash the car and caravan ready for the holiday!

Bye bye for now.