Tuesday, 15 September 2015

We're Here!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here!

Finally we are here and Old McTwo Legs has finally got it all set up and he is slurping on the first cold beer!

It all started on Monday morning, early, too early!

We were down the beach almost before the sun came up! You can tell that from the photo OTL took.

It's just TOO EARLY!
After a quick Wee and a Poo we all headed for home and the last bits to get stashed away, like, Ferrets and Woofers!

Now, we would have got away at nine, as planned but we had problems with the nose weight, that is, the caravan nose weight. You see The Missus was left to organise the packing, (after we had been sneaky) but when checked, the nose weight was too much, so we spent an hour re-arranging all the stuff in the caravan, trying to lighten the load!

Finally we got away but much later than we wanted to!

We were all singing songs on the way up and laughing at the rain 'cos it was making everyone slow down to forty miles an hour on the motorway! There was loads of it!

We stopped at a service station for a wee and a cup of tea, but before the tea OTL had to sort out one of the front blinds. It looks like we have had a leak or summat 'cos the screw holding the plastic frame had come loose, so OTL decided to remove the blind and get it fixed when we get back!

Having got that sorted TM said that the catch on the fridge had snapped off! What a start to the holiday!

Now, we always stop overnight at Gretna Green but this time we turned left at Gretna and headed on towards our destination, Drummore. Now OTL hadn't realised that Drummore is in fact a further one hundred miles away from Gretna! We had planned to arrive about five or six but it was such a slow journey that we had to telephone ahead to warn them we would be late!

We didn't arrive until nine thirty and by then it was pitch black! We had to stop overnight in the 'Late Arrivals' section which OTL said it was like being in the Naughty Corner!

The ferrets were taken into the caravan to sleep and Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay were so excited, not ever having been away on holiday before, started to have a play fight!

The only thing was, they did it in the Poo Pot! All the poo got thrown out and the cat litter got spread all over the place, including the caravan!

TM was not a happy bunny!

Talking of bunnies, while OTL has been putting the awning up and generally getting the caravan all sorted, Holly and I have been snoozing on the grass watching the rabbits. You see, us woofers must be kept on leads all the time and the rabbits have sussed it! The cheeky devils just sit there pulling faces at us!

Cheeky Little Bunnies!
Everywhere we went, there was a bunch of rabbits blowing raspberries!

Except of course, on the beach! 

This is a BIG Beach!
You know, we reckon that this beach could even be longer and wider that the beach in Wales!

Of course, we are let off our lead on the beach so we can have a good run!

You know what? Even Holly got her paws wet!

Wet and soggy paws!
There were a couple of shallow streams crossing the beach to the sea and OTL said that the ripples made by the water running over the sand looked like snakes!

Well, if you sort of squint and close one eye they could be snakes!
We headed back to the caravan and those rabbits were still there, chomping away on the grass and not taking any notice of us!

If I ever get off this lead!
 There was a big notice up at reception, Fish & Chip van calls Tuesday at five!

TM says it's a good idea to get some fish and chips and she even got out a bottle of Bollinger to help wash the chips down!

TM queueing and dreaming of a bottle of Bollinger!
So that's it for the moment, we are all here in the sunshine and a little wind and looking forward to getting back onto the beach tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay