Sunday, 6 January 2013

Snowflake is Staying and that's Official!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Whoopy Doo Doo! Yahoo! It's Official!

Snowflake is staying!

We finally have made contact with Snowflakes owner who lost her on the 21st December! He had three ferrets get out of their cages and two were found in a couple of days but Snowflake managed to stay lost until we found her on the 29th Dec.

Barney, that's his name, (no relation to the other Barney we know), he has been keeping ferrets for forty years and hunts with them! So, we can't let her near any rabbits 'cos I reckon she will get them before we do!

Barney says that as we had looked after her for such a long time and have become attached to her, then maybe it is best if she stays with us!

Barney tells us that she is two years old and still a spinster, so we have to make a decision, does she get 'Done' like wot we are or does she get a jab every time she comes into season? We will leave that to Old Two Legs to decide!

That all happened late morning, so we had to have our morning walk still not knowing Snowflakes future, so like the weather, we were a bit misty as well!

It's the Not Knowing!
We passed a Little Egret on the mud pools and he said that he didn't mind if Snowflake stays but please keep her away from him!

Ferrets and Me don't get on!
 We met up with a couple of old ladies and I told one of them the story of Snowflake and she said it would be very sad if Snowflake had to go back and wished us all well.

Aw! That's a sad tale my dear!
 This afternoon has been all good, Snowflake has been pigging out on chicken wing and snoozing most of the time. We have been down The Sea Wall again and the mist is still as Yuk as this morning but we didn't care 'cos Snowflake would still be here tomorrow!

We are the first to give Snowflake a name, we were told that she didn't have a name before because she was a working ferret and the nearest she got to a name was.......No.3!

Tomorrow she has got to go to the vets for a second check up on her tick problem and maybe get a jab against Distemper, but we will wait until she comes back to see what happens.

OTL has ordered the Ferret Tower, again, and it should arrive next Friday, if we are lucky and of course, OTL and The Missus get their shower back!

The office is being 'Ferret Proofed', that is, all the holes in the walls where OTL built ducting for cables has been sealed and a filing cabinet has been moved across the other side of the room.

OTL has gone back to reading the book on ferrets and nursing the couple of bites he got this morning!

So, every one is pleased with the result, what a wonderful start to the New Year!

See you tomorrow, I'm off to see if Snowflake is awake yet!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Still Snoozing!)