Saturday, 21 July 2012

OTL has been crying again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back again!

Wot a start to the weekend!

The Missus went off early this morning with all her card making stuff. To day is the Allhallows Crop! So, today it is all gas and glitter in the village hall!

We went out with Old Two Legs for our walk along The Sea Wall, as we were walking along there came a couple of Staffy sort of dogs who wanted a game. They were a bit too big for me and a bit boisterous for Holly, so we woofed at them and I jumped up onto OTL's shoulder while OTL grabbed both dogs until the owner arrived to put them on their leads!

That sorted them out!

Holly is still not right concerning her upset tummy, so OTL telephoned the vet for an appointment and managed to get an appointment in one hours time.

That gave us enough time to get back home and give her butt a good wash!

We arrived at the vet's and we were weighed then sat down to await the vet. That was until a little Westie came through the door and decided to have a game with Holly.

All hell broke loose and it was mass of tails and teeth for a moment or two!

Then the vet called out our name and we went in the 'Consulting Room'.

I didn't like it in there, too many painful memories, but this time it was Holly on the table, push, poke, listen to your heart and then stick a thermometer up her............well, you get the idea!

In the end it was decided that there was nothing seriously wrong, just some bug she had picked up from a sniff or something she had eaten and knowing Holly, that could be anything!

We got some tablets to give her and some yucky stuff OTL has to squirt under her tongue  twice a day!

Then it was out to the car to escape but not until OTL was reduced to tears again when he got the bill!

He is a bit of a wimp sometimes when it come to our vet bills!

I mean, we're worth every penny!

OTL said he wouldn't mind if it were pennies but all he sees is pound signs on the bill!

Lunchtime we were down on The Sea Wall again, Holly didn't really feel like a long run in The New Park or Squirrel Chasing in The Forest, so it was the beach again!

The sun was out and OTL said that this is what July should really be like!
How July should be!
 Holly spotted a family on the beach and she reckons that as there were children, there would be Ice Creams!

Got an Ice Cream I can Lick?
Trouble was, they had licked the ice cream until it had gone! Holly was not happy!

We met that big dog we saw the other day, the one that wouldn't let us play with his ball. This time he didn't have the ball, he said he had lost it and was very sad, in fact, he was feeling distraught!

Seen my ball?
Holly said he was just a big baby, yer, but he still is BIG!

Back home again for a drink out of the pond, it tastes nice! Holly had a nibble at my left over chicken. It was good to see she was interested in eating again, even if the vet said we should starve her today.

It wasn't much chicken, just a couple of little bits left over!

Holly said she is looking forward to tomorrow 'cos that means she can have some grub!

See you tomorrow and it's going to get hotter, trust us to know!


Daisy & Holly (The Grumbly Tum!)