Wednesday, 24 August 2016

OTL got stabbed today!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

It's another hot day today, yesterday we didn't take Fred and Wendy for a walk yesterday 'cos it was too hot. That means the pair were in 'Fidget Mode' which means that they are likely to get into trouble!

Old Two Legs decided that May and April should stay at home while Fred and Wendy came out this morning, just to run off some steam!

Well, it was still rather warm but both ferrets had fun and had a great time running and rolling in the grass on our way down to the beach.

On the beach we all had a run around and Holly and I decided to start a hole.

Of course, the ferrets were being ferrets and inquisitive! As soon as I started an hole over came Freddy to see what we were doing and offer some advice on hole digging!

It looks a bit saggy around the edges!
 Cheeky ferrets but they were right about the edges!

Well, it's deep enough but not very tidy!
Back home the ferrets were allowed out for a rampage while OTL cleaned the cages. When he finished he put the frozen blocks under their beds and when they went back in it took no more than a couple of minutes for them to find the cool beds!

OTL's next job was to go and get a 'Blood Test', Holly says that he must have blood 'cos when May gives him a playful nip there is always some blood!

Apparently, this doesn't count and he had to give a gallon or so to do tests!

Off he went and he told us later that they stabbed him with a whacking big needle and emptied his arm of blood! A whole arm full! At least he didn't have to pay them for doing it, although he says he has been paying all his life so this was just 'Collecting some Interest on the Account'!

It must have been bad 'cos they stuck a cotton wool ball on the hole and a plaster to hold it in place while his arm gets better!

Poor OTL had to have a sit down when he got back and Holly and I gave him a cuddle as well!

Lunchtime came and May and April stayed at home again because of the heat but Holly and I headed out to the beach.

You know, if it were not for the poo and a good wee, we would rather have stayed at home in the cool!

Holly was first onto the beach and was straight up to the shade of the Sea Wall to lay down in a puddle of seaweed and water!

You don't know what I'm laying in!
 I wandered on looking for deeper water when I heard a woofing up in the air, it was one of those Long Tailed Yorkie Woofer, a bit like Izzy but with no manners!

Blooming tourist!

Go and find your own sniffs, these are ours!
 It was a warm walk, Holly and I made use of every bit of shade we could find. The shade under the bench is always good!

Yeah! Just five minutes more please!
 It was good to get back home again, cool water and some real shade in OTL's office!

It's good news from Archie Babe having got rid of the fleas. So far we have not been troubled with them, Ticks, yes, Fleas, No!

Must be the Jollop OTL puts on us each month that keeps them away!

Now we are off to see if it is worth mugging OTL for some dinner but it will be habit rather than a need to feed, it's just too hot!

Mind you, one of the frozen blocks the ferrets have tucked under their beds wouldn't go amiss!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!