Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bullying OTL

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

We have been with Old Two Legs again today as The Missus has been out all day.

First thing this morning we went for a walk along the Sea Wall, it is great there 'cos we got rabbits to chase and it's fun running along the beach, even if it is shingle and not sand. If it was sand we could dig big holes every day!

Back home again we had breakfast of liver and biscuits then a snooze before woofing at OTL that we wanted to go for a walk. He was busy working in the office but both Holly and me know just how to get him organised!

I start off by jumping up at the side of his chair, then Holly, from the front room, woofs at a passing bird or something. Then I jump up again and OTL says 'What do you want?' Then Holly woofs some more and OTL goes down stairs to find out what she is barking at, finds nothing and heads up stairs again. By now I'm at the top of the stairs, wagging my tail like mad and giving OTL the old 'Hairy Eyeball'.

The he gets the message and says 'Do you want to go for a walk?' well, that sets me off woofing and by then he's putting his boots on!

Next stop the Football Field where we have a game of 'chase the ball' and woof at the sparrows and starlings on the grass.

When we get back home it's a bite of lunch and a snooze before we start again!

This time it's a trip to the New Park, we raced down to the Swimming Hole and met up with a young lad who was there with his owner.

Can I play?

As soon as OTL threw the ball in the water he ran in and fetched it out! I mean, what a cheek! I woofed at him but it made no difference. That was until he got put on the lead, that stopped his games!

He's got my ball!
We then met up with a couple of Retrievers who were enormous and I got all big and brave and we touched noses. I had nowhere to run to so that was the only thing  could do!

Hello little girl!

Holly and me met a couple of Yorkie's who were about our size, so, me and Holly didn't mind saying hello to them!

It's the Yorkie Lads

OTL is messing about with his fungi photo's and we asked him what he learnt over the weekend. He said it was all to do with Reciprocity Failure and Depth of Field. Holly said she knew what he was talking about and it was to do with Chicken Tails, but as far as I was concerned, he was talking from under his tail!

Still, they look pretty!

Fungi #6

Fungi #7
Holly says they are poison and OTL is messing with dangerous plants!

We will have to make sure he washes his hands!

Bye bye for now, dinner is on the table, OTL's dinner that is!


Daisy & Holly