Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again.

What a Horrid Yucky, Wet and Damp Day it has been!

First thing this morning we headed off to the beach and the wind was blowing straight down the Medway!

Miss Snowflake kept on turning around to face the wind and walked backwards down the beach!

She said that she didn't like getting her fur messed up in the wind!

If I point this way my fur goes flat!
Mr Brambles got digging straight away and he says that today he will make hole that won't get washed away by the tide!

We'll start by opening a trench about here!
 He really got going and managed to extend the trench to half way down the beach, well, he said it was half way down the beach anyway!

Steady Girl or we'll both be in the Sea!
 Holly and I had a laugh but as we were further down the beach, they didn't hear us!

Careful Dear, don't fall in!
 Old Two Legs took this picture of the sun shining from behind the clouds but as he only had the 'Point and Shoot' camera he was in trouble 'cos the screen where he looks to see what he is taking, has stopped working, so he is really having to 'Point, Shoot & Pray'!

We have seen better!
 Back home it was Chicken for breakfast but we were disturbed by the Tree Men who had arrived to chop down all the trees in the front garden 'cos they are in danger of being blown down onto the house and the caravan!

It was all whir and gnaw and grind and by mid afternoon they had done enough to let all the light in the front windows!

Lunch time we went down the Sea Wall again but it was raining, in fact it was so wet that I decided that if Holly and OTL wanted a walk, they can jolly well go on their own!

I had done my business and was off back to the car. Holly said that she would be up there soon but she had some stuff to do first!

I went and stood by the car and refused to look at OTL 'cos I knew he would call me and make me go for the whole mile walk and I wasn't having that for anything!

So There!

No, I'm not looking, just get up here and open the door!
Back home we cuddled up under the desk in the  office and snoozed the rest of the day away, just like little doggies should!

Now, yesterday Pat asked what a 'Working Ferret' was, Well, ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of year and have been used for hunting wild rabbits. They are still used today for chasing the rabbits out of the warrens so the Two Legs can catch them to eat. That is called a 'Working Ferret' and Miss Snowflake was a Working Ferret before she found her way into our garden just over a year ago. Now she says that working was fun but she would rather do what she is doing now 'cos it is so easy and she gets to cuddle Mr Brambles all day! Mr Brambles on the other hand has never been out chasing rabbits all he ever did was make some baby ferrets which he reckons was more fun that chasing rabbits!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake (Retired) and Mr Brambles.