Friday, 12 July 2013

OTL has been Spying!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here with you.

It was a bit cloudy down our end of the world this morning, even Snowflake questioned the need for a run but in the end enjoyed her scamper along the beach!

Today was the first day of the Kent County Show and OTL was off and away early to have a look around, take some pictures and do some Spying!

You see, he had made arrangements to meet up with the man who runs the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue  Centre who was also running the Ferret Racing Event.

OTL was given instructions by Snowflake to find out as much as possible about the course and also the other racing ferrets!

Off went OTL with the instructions written on a bit of paper that he had to eat after memorising the instructions!

When he got there, he forgot almost every thing we had told him and was away with his camera taking pictures of other things!

Like Camels!

Any closer and I'll spit in your Lens!
Then there were chickens!

No, I'm not a chicken I'm an Eagle!
 And tasty baby ducks! 

We're Pterodactyls, not Ducks!
OTL said this one was called Porky and she reminded him of Holly!

My name is Holly!
He even found some reindeer but didn't find out if it tasted like Venison!

No, my name is NOT Bambi!
 Next came the Ferret Racing course and it seems to go like this.

First of all you stick your ferret in the box here.
Starting Gate!
When the door is opened,  the ferret runs down the tube and over the 'see saw'. Snowflake is a bit worried about this bit 'cos she has never seen a 'See Saw' before.

The 'SEE SAW'!
After that, she must run down the next tunnel and over the bridge, (no problem) and down to the next 'See Saw', still a bit worried about that bit again, then over a bridge and almost home!

The Finishing Post!
Then it is a run down the 'Home Straight' to the finish where OTL should be waiting!

OTL managed to get a couple of sneak photo's of the competition, Holly reckons they are all Bozo's!

I don't know about Snowflake but I reckon Holly knows what she is talking about!

Gissa Taste of Yer Finger Mate!
 This one looked really 'Chilled'!

Just Snoozing, just Snoozing!
OTL has made arrangements for Snowflake to have a 'Trial Run' on Sunday morning before the crowds get in, so at least she will have an idea of what to do!

Tomorrow, Snowflake is getting a gentle stroll along the Sea Wall, not too much effort 'cos we got to save that all for Sunday!

OTL also said that there may be a Little Lost Ferret who would make a good 'Friend' for Snowflake and maybe come to live with us but we have got to see how Snowflake feels about that one before making any decisions!

Holly and I are going with OTL tomorrow to the show so we will have a good chance to check out the competition and maybe scare them with some tales of Snowflakes speed and agility!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake