Thursday, 14 July 2011

Busy Busy Day

Yo Ho Woofers,

D&H here after a very busy day!

We have been rushed off our paws today, first of all we woke up about five thirty and decided to see if The Missus and Old Two Legs were awake, well they weren't, until we gave them a 'Good Morning' lick behind the ears!

OTL was busy in the morning, he even started work at seven this morning, now that's serious!

We went out for a walk along the Sea Defence Wall near where we live, OTL brought the ball, which Holly and me did some serious 'Mullering' to!

But not before we found a gigantic ball that all we could do was kick along the beach!

Beach Ball

We soon lost interest in that and went back to the tennis ball that Holly and me were giving some serious stick too!

Wanna Play Ball?

We left the Beach Ball on the beach in case any one else wanted to play with it, but as we looked along the beach there was no one else in sight!

Waiting for someone to play with!
That thing in the picture, out in the sea, is to mark where the authority of the Port of London finishes and the Coast Guard starts. There is another marker, just out of the picture that is called The London Stone, which does the same thing!

Our village on the hill.

We went back and on the way stopped to look at our village on the hill.  Just behind us is the North Sea, to our right is the Thames and to our left is the River Medway. We've got water all around us!

Maybe that is why I want to learn to swim, I mean, if it really started to get wet, I would want to swim to safety!

Bye bye for now, Holly and me are off to bed now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly