Friday, 7 December 2012

A Distressing Tale in the cold of Winter!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Did you know, it is only fourteen days until the Winter Solstice or the shortest day in the year, after that we are heading towards Spring and Summer!

Roll on the Twenty First!

We woke up early this morning 'cos The Missus is busy, busy with her stuff for the Master Class on Saturday and the lesson this week is, 'Distress Inks and Embossing Folders.'

How do you make ink distressed?

Show it the blotting paper!

Boom Boom!

This mornings run on The Sea Wall was a bit damp and we were feeling Distressed by the time we got back to the car! 

I'm Distressed enough to go back home, NOW!
However, we did have some fun woofing at the spaniel types that woof at us but this time they were on a lead and couldn't get to us!

Come on then, if your tough enough!
 Then Holly said that she had decided to try some line dancing for a change and set about doing a demonstration!

Look! Line Dancing!
 I tried to get the message home to Old Two Legs, so, I stood near to him and gave him one of my special 'Hairy Eyeball' looks that should tell him I'm not a happy puppy!

The Old 'Hairy Eyeball'
 That didn't seem to work, was he that unobservant or was he just ignoring us?

Holly even did the 'I'm not a Happy Woofer' bit as well!

I don't do Wet!
You know what, all OTL was interested in doing was taking pictures of the Curlew in the puddle!

Can you see my Australian Cousin?
Seems this Curlew thought that his reflection was his Australian Cousin from 'Down Under', you know those birds can be really daft sometimes!

In the end, Holly and I got fed up and raced ahead of OTL, woofing and snarling like we had a rabbit in our sights, just to get OTL moving towards the car!

Growl, Woof and Grrrrr!
When we got to the car, it was a quick rub down with our special Doggy Towel and it soon gets the wet out of our fur, leaving us mildly damp! Once we get the car heater on it soon dries us and we get warmed up at the same time!

We had Lamb Heart for breakfast this morning, super stuff! After that it was a very pleasant snooze until lunch time when we headed over to the Riverside Park.

Now don't think I'm a wimp but that wind just blew in off the river and nearly blew us off the path!

This is nearly as bad as wet!
We had a run up and down the path and even stopped while OTL took a picture of the Power Station, just for Trevor!

This is for Mr T C!
We didn't hang about for too long 'cos we reckon that there was snow on the way. We were both having a sniff of the air and decided that we could sniff the Snow Fairy and maybe we will get to build a big Snow Dog in our garden!

As we left the park, the sun was going down to sleep for the night so we hurried OTL back to the car and headed for home............and dinner, His Dinner that is!

Come on OTL, it's Dinner Time!
So, back at home it was a bit crowded with TM's stuff for tomorrow, it looks like we will have to give her a lift up to the village hall at the crack of dawn or she will never make it!

Dinner is ready, so, bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly