Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Busy Monday

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We had an early night last night, it was so hot we just flaked out and had trouble keeping awake!

The Missus headed off for bed around nine thirty and we followed shortly afterwards.

Now normally we stay up with Old Two Legs and have a late night chat about what has gone on and what plans we had for tomorrow, but I'm afraid last night we just couldn't stay awake.

I was first off up the stairs and OTL had to carry Holly up 'cos she would have stayed all night on the sofa!

Holly and I were both fast asleep by the time OTL finally got to bed, in fact we didn't even hear him come to bed!

Around four in the morning we heard a couple of cats making a noise in the back garden.

TM was awake, well she was after we woofed to go out!

Out we went and chased the  cats over the fence. I think one was 'Hissin Chrissy' but we didn't recognize the other one as it was too dark.

TM had come out into the garden to get us back indoors!

Off we went, back in and up on OTL's bed, all warm and comfortable!

We had some fun with a Shrill Bee on our morning walk along The Sea Wall, there we were, just mooching along, sniffin the sniffs and checking out the bird life when we came across this Shrill Bee. Now I know that some times Holly makes a bit of a noise when she is getting tucked in to her meal. She sometimes slaps her lips and snorts. This bee had Holly beat, it was slurping and snorting and making a terrible noise!

Holly reckons it was because it had such a long tongue and it was slopping it around this flower stirring up all the pollen!

Holly just happened, in a loud voice, say something about bad table manners and making too much noise when eating, but the only reply was............

Bug Off, I'm having my Breakfast!
So, we carried on walking and as Holly says, it doesn't hurt to have manners!

Such a Rude Bee!
OTL has almost finished the path around the pond, he has just got to give it a good brush down and move all the loose bits down in between the paving slabs, just to keep the weeds down and hopefully move the ants on!

Nearly There!
He has just got the back bit to do now, OTL has got plans for a 'Wild Meadow' flowerbed and pebbles or tree bark to keep the weeds and grass down, plus it will also be a place for us to have a wee when we get the urge!

Holly reckons we should hire OTL out as a Landscape Gardener and change his name to Mr Capability Green!

Then we could spend all the money on chews and ice cream!

We never did get down to Northward Hill yesterday, too hot, too tired, too lazy! Trev was down there but we were not sure what he was doing, maybe moth counting or Pond Dipping!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly