Friday, 20 January 2012

Vole Hunting, Daffodils and Squirrel Chasing!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We got up late this morning, too much dinner last night and late to bed!

Old Two Legs was just as bad, he was still snoring at seven thirty!

We went down to the Sea Wall but on the way OTL stopped the car and started taking photo's of a bird on the telephone lines. We were all hanging out of the window, OTL clicking away and Holly and Me woofing as well!

OTL was trying to tell us to stop woofing but was whispering instead of his normal woof! He said that the bird was a Kestrel and it was hunting voles in the grass.

I see a Vole!
Then it stopped looking for voles, turned to us and said that if he was a bit bigger or us a bit smaller he would eat us both for breakfast, providing we tasted like Vole!

Do you taste like Vole?
Then he flew off!

Holly thought it most rude and asked OTL if the Kestrel tasted like Chicken?

We had fun racing along the beach and we both pretended to be Kestrels hunting Beach Voles!

I smell a Vole!
 On the way back home OTL suddenly stopped the car and jumped out leaving us looking out the back window at what he was doing. He was on his knees and photographing the local church!

Now we know OTL does some odd things sometimes, but on his knees at the Church Gate? What is he praying for, a new camera?

January 20th 2012
When he got back he showed us the picture, there were Daffodils flowering by the side of the path, in January!

Even we were impressed with that!

After lunch we went off to The Forest  again, 'cos Holly wanted to chase squirrels, I of course didn't mind, anything to please my sister!

It was OK when we left the house but on the way down it started to rain. OTL had had looked at the weather forecast and had brought along our coats.

It was a bit of a struggle getting our coats on 'cos we were both in a panic to get out 'Squirrel Chasing'!

Is it up There?
 We had a good rummage around and I looked in all my favourite places and some of my secret spots as well.

Come on, this way!
Then we went to the place where we always see the squirrels, but today, nothing!

Holly was slower than me, so I left her and rushed off, doing my Super Puppy bit, you know, leaping fallen tree trunks with a single bound, flying across the bramble bushes in the blink of an eye.

Still nothing!

I was doing some serious investigating of a tree when out the corner of my eye I am sure I saw a squirrel, so off I went again, leaving OTL and Holly behind.

I see something!
 While I was off hunting, Holly and OTL saw a squirrel and Holly went after it, as you do, but it disappeared up the tree as quick as you like!

So, we can say that today was not a good day for Squirrel Hunting, but still a lot  of fun!

Back home for a Lambs Heart Dinner and a chance to mug OTL for some nibbles!

Have a good weekend!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly