Monday, 11 March 2013

Holly gets lost in the snow and the Blizzard reaches our shores!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

What a day!

The weather man says it was going to be 'Snow Flurries', snow flurries? It was more like a raging blizzard!

It was just fluffy bits when we went out first thing, but the wind was terrible! I reckon it was at least minus twenty five degrees when you take the wind chill into account!

This wind gets right up yer tail!
Holly was not a Happy Puppy 'cos it was just too cold for her liking! We were having our normal sniff along the path when all of a sudden she says 'Stuff this for a game of Pussy Cats' and ran off down the path.

Stuff this for a game of Pussy Cats
She ran down to the end of the path, around the corner and back down the other side and she didn't stop until she got to the car!

Old Two Legs had to go and get her and put her on the lead to make her finish the walk!

She was not happy about that!

On the way back, we bumped into those Bozo Jack Russell's who Holly wound up yesterday. Well Holly just couldn't be bothered, so she barged past them without even replying to their woofing!

Outta my way Bozo's!
 Holly is not a polite puppy when she's cold!

We got back home and OTL gave us a good rub down and a brush, then we had a bowl of chicken and biscuits followed by a snooze in OTL's office.

Before we could settle down we had to get Snowflake back into her house. She was running about on top of the desk and we sneaked into our day beds. She was having a sniff of the outdoors through the open window from on top of OTL's pile of stuff and said in a loud voice.

Well, it don't look too bad from here!
I did my ' I'm gonna bit yer legs' grumble and OTL decided that it was time she went back into her home, for safe keeping!
Gotcha Snowflake!

Lunchtime was even worse, along with the cold and the howling wind there was big balls of snow!

Holly was not amused and said that she was after a quick wee and then it was home again for her!

You know, she really doesn't do getting up early, cold mornings or too much snow! There are other things she just 'Doesn't Do' but the list is too long to go into here!

....and this is another thing I 'Don't Do'!
You could see it was getting bad 'cos OTL had his 'Windy Glasses' on, they are the ones that make him look the 'Cool Dude', well they would on a younger Two Legs but he is getting a bit past being the 'Cool Dude' more like a Dodgy Old Duffer'!

He uses these glasses when he does his 'Climbing the Munro's' walks in Scotland, well not lately since he has become 'Semi Retired' or as The Missus says 'Old and Lazy'!

Mind you, they certainly kept the wind from blowing across his eyes!

Howling Blizzard on the Sea Front!
Back home the new camera had arrived, this is the camcorder to replace the one that suddenly stopped talking to the computer. We're not sure why it won't talk to the computer but it takes movies and plays them back onto the TV. OTL can't make up his mind if it is something wrong with the camera or the computer program that talks to the camera 'cos you see he has lost the program!

This afternoon he has been doing something that he doesn't normally do.........Reading The Instruction Manual!

Who knows, with a bit of luck we will be able to show you 'Moving Pictures' of us three, once OTL has worked out how to make the camera work!

Of course, he has to make it talk to the computer as well!

Claws crossed!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (Movie Stars in the Making)!