Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Five Years Old Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here and It's Our Birthday today, well Holly and Me, not Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wot a day! We had a really super bowl full of Chuck Steak, slow cooked, for our breakfast and The Missus says there is some left for tomorrow!

We got Old Two Legs to sign us 'Happy Birthday' before he really woke up this morning and the ferrets joined in the chorus as well!

When we were out on our walk there were woofers all over the place calling out 'Happy Birthday' and one Bozo Labrador, who was lost, ran around the bushes four times, calling out 'Happy Birthday' each time until his owner came to fetch him!

Happy Birthday, Again and Again and Again and Again!
 Holly said 'Thank You' but whispered 'Wot a Bozo!'

Down on the beach we had a great time chasing each other all over the place and we even found some smelly's to roll in and we were too far away from OTL for him to stop us! 

Hey! There's another Smelly here!
OTL was back down the beach untangling Mr Brambles from his lead 'cos he got tangled up by rolling around in the ferret bag.

Once he had been sorted out, we couldn't see Miss Snowflake anywhere, then we spotted her creeping up behind OTL!

OK, I'm getting back in the bag again!
Sneaky Ferret or Wot!

You know she tried the same trick as yesterday but as it was a bit warmed today she was tempted out onto the ground and she had a good run down the hill!

Back home, after our steak breakfast, we had a good long snooze and woke up in time for our lunchtime walk.

OTL said we could choose where we went at lunchtime, so I said I wanted to go back to the New Park but Holly said she was bored with that idea 'cos all I was interested in was swimming, which was right!

So, instead we headed off to The Forest to see the squirrels and the Heeland Coos!

We said hello to the coos and they wished us a Happy Birthday and off we went to see what sniffs we could find!

No sniffs but it looks 'Woody'!
 I soon found that the piles of leaves everywhere that were great for running in and they also hid some interesting sniffs!

Ooooh! There's a new sniff!
Of course, we were both looking for the squirrels 'cos they should be scurrying around looking for nuts!

Sssh! I think there's one over there behind the tree!
 We saw a few but they were either too far away or too high in the trees for us to get them!

How on earth do you get up that high?
 We were walking back to the car when we both heard a small voice singing 'Happy Birthday' to us.

We just couldn't see who it was, that was until OTL spotted our mystery singer!

'appy Birthday to you, 'appy Birthday to Yoooo!
 Holly said 'Thank You' to Mr Spider and we headed off to the Doggy Shop where OTL said we could choose our presents and I chose a few packs of Chicken Fillets and Holly chose a couple of bones and OTL chose Teeth Cleaning Chews!

So, tonight we are looking forward to mugging OTL for some of his dinner, well, you have got have a go!

See you all tomorrow and we will be five years and one day old!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.