Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Slow Snoozy Sunday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We are a pair of slow puppies today, all that partying and dancing and drinking and eating has left us a little sleepy this morning!

We found this picture of Alun in the prison, we are wondering what he did wrong to land up in there!

Alun in the nick!

He must have been very naughty!

We were out along The Sea Wall and for a change it was warm and sunny. Old Two Legs even managed to take a picture of a flower that he thinks id one of the Malva group. He's not very good with plants 'cos he has Hayfever and doesn't like things that make him sneeze!

We think it is a Malva Plant!
Holly was running up and down the path but stopped for a breather saying that she was hot and that it was time she had a haircut!

Pheew! I need a haircut!
Little does she know, but I have seen on OTL's calender, we are due to go to the Poodle Parlour in the morning!

A 'Shampoo and Set' me thinks!

We spent the morning snoozing in our Day Bed, catching up on last nights fun and games. OTL was playing about with the photos he took.

Lunch time came and off we went again but this time the sun had gone in and it was beginning to rain.

All of a sudden there came a flash of black and white fur and the greeting of 'Helloooo Girlies!'

It was Barney out for his run. We told him about our party yesterday and how we landed up in jail!

He said that he had been watching a TV program all about River Dance and said that it was all about Two Legs trying to stand on their toes and make a lot of noise!

Then he showed us how they were dancing about all over the place!

Look! Doggy River Dance!

We said we thought it looked painful and Barney said that he had bumped his claws a couple of time doing it!

We said 'good bye' and carried on a little way. Holly found a bit of a ball and started throwing it up in the air and shouting 'Look! On Me 'ead Cyril!'

On Me 'Ead Cyril!
After she had thrown in over the wall we stood there looking out to sea, look, said Holly, the sea is coming back in!

OK, Where is The Sea?
I think it's time to go home, I can smell chicken on the air!

Back home for dinner and some shortbread from OTL!

See you tomorrow, after we have had our 'Shampoo & Set'


Daisy & Holly