Sunday, 17 February 2019

It was almost worth it!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret back again!

Wot a super Sunday this has been!

It all started last night around midnight, Holly had a grumbly tum and had to call Old Two Legs out of bed to allow her into the garden for a quick poo followed by a warm butt wash!

OTL doesn't mind doing that for us, well, that's what he says!

So, after the midnight fun we managed to wake up a whole ten minutes late!

Down on the sea front the sun had not climbed out of bed yet so we got what OTL calls 'The Pre-Glow', that is the light before the sun gets up but after the night has gone to bed!

Now it's getting ready after this Pre-Glow!
 Trouble is, just when you think your going to get a monster of a sunrise, the sun goes back to bed for a snooze!

It's Gone!
 That was it, the sunrise was meant for someone else today!

Lunchtime OTL woke Eric up 'cos he had promised Eric a run down on the sea shore.

At first Eric was a little slow to get going 'cos there were the Weekend Woofers who are a dangerous as far as ferrets are concerned!

I'm sure I heard a woofer down there!
 There were times when he walked by OTL's side and after he sat on OTL's shoulder looking behind to make sure there were no woofers coming!

OK ferret, I'm watching you!
 Today it was warm and the tide was in and, well, I just couldn't stop myself!

First paddle of the year!
OTL was not happy with me!

To help OTL get over it I suggested he takes a picture of Eric using the 'Pets' setting on the camera!

So, Eric put on his best 'Ferret' look and 'Click'!

Do I look good in this?
 Crossing the football field Holly stopped for a sniff and Eric crept up on Holly.

Trouble was, Eric made too much noise and Holly warned him again!

Watch it Ferret Chops!
While OTL was taking Eric back to the car, Holly found this enormous pile of poo that must have been done by a Heeland Coo, I mean, it was Super Yuck!

Holly couldn't contain her delight and of course she just had to have a roll.

Unfortunately that meant that when we got home, Holly had to have a shower to get all the poo out and the harness went straight into the washing machine!

OTL has one of those 'Blaster' things that blow all the water out of our coats and this time OTL shut Holly in the office and set about drying Holly.

Holly got backed into a corner by OTL who set about blasting the damp out of Holly's coat.

Now, normally this happens down stairs but today Holly had an observer peering out of a cage, yes, it was Miss May, sitting on her hammock watching Holly getting blasted from all directions!

What was worse was May laughing and telling OTL to 'Give it some Wellie' !

Holly was not happy but May just kept laughing her tail off and calling out things like, go on, up her tail!

After it was all done Holly headed back downstairs and OTL called me upstairs.

I had this terrible premonition that I was about to get wet.

I was right, washed and then blow dried and May singing out, go on, go on, go on!

Now Holly and I are both clean, dry and all fluffy, until tomorrow when we can go for another walk across the football field and who knows, we may come across the Coo Poo again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!